To Kill a Mockingbird: Part Two: Chapters 21-25

Part Two: Chapters 21-25

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Part 2

Chapter 21

Calpurnia comes to court and tells Atticus that the children have been away. Mr. Underwood spots them and Atticus tells them to go back home, but they plead to hear the verdict before going home. They are taken home by Calpurnia, eat their supper, and return to the courtroom. The jury delivers a guilty verdict against Tom.

Chapter 22

The verdict affects Jem who cries over the injustice. The black community brings a lot of food to the Finch’s house the next day because of Atticus’s effort. Jem now begins to look at the people of Maycomb differently and considers them to be inhuman. Jem learns that Ewell had accosted Atticus, spat on him and threatened him.

Chapter 23

Atticus is not worried about Ewell’s threats and tells his children that Ewell simply felt bad for being embarrassed. However, the children and their aunt Alexandra remain worried. Tom is in another prison as his appeal progresses. Atticus reveals to his children that if his appeal fails, he will be killed. Jem and Scout discuss and question this punishment.

Chapter 24

Alexandra invites her missionary friends to the house and they began discussions about the tribulations of blacks. Atticus returns and calls Alexandra, Calpurnia, and Scout to the kitchen, informing them that Tom had been shot seventeen times while trying to escape.

Alexandra does not understand how Atticus continues to disgrace himself in the quest for justice. They return to their meeting and pretend that nothing is wrong.

Chapter 25

Jem asks Scout not to kill a bug on the porch and explains that the bug had not harmed Scout in any way. Scout feels that Jem has begun acting more like a girl than her. Tom’s death sparks different reactions from Maycomb. Underwood feels that his death was uncalled for because he was innocent while Ewell is happy about it.

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