To Kill a Mockingbird: Characters Analysis: Atticus Finch

Character's Analysis: Atticus Finch

By Harper LeeRelease Year: 1960

Atticus Finch

The character’s description: Atticus Finch has been depicted as a middle-aged lawyer, which enjoys a respectable status in the town. Despite his being a member of well-to-do social stratum as well as the white population, he does not have any hatred or prejudice against African Americans. It is Atticus, who has taught his children the lessons of equality, modesty, morality, justice, and fortitude. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to raise voice against one’s racial group and social class, Atticus observes the same for the uplift of justice and equality.

He appears to be a sharp and intelligent lawyer and collects evidence while defending the accused Tom Robinson in light of the sound proofs in his defense. He has taught his children, not only through words but also through his actions, how to revolt against injustice by putting one’s life at stake. Therefore, he convinced the leader of the angry mob to shatter the crowd gathered for a lynching of a black accused of raping a white girl. In addition, he also rises to the occasion to defend an innocent person just for the sake of the uplift of law and equality, where he does not have any greed of obtaining financial benefits or fame out of the sad incident.

Atticus is well-aware of the fact that his act of supporting a black man against a white family may put him and his family in grave jeopardy. Nevertheless, he happily accepted the challenge of the opposition of the majority white population while proving Tom as an innocent person. Moreover, Atticus also observed tolerance on the eve of Bob Ewell’s spitting on his face out of sheer resentment for opposing him and his daughter in favor of Tom.

Since Atticus presents an image of the rebel of the prevailing social norms, cultural traits, moral values, and traditions, he is rightly declared to be the symbol of courage, dauntlessness, and justice during the era when African Americans were looked down upon as inferior creatures across the country. Hence, despite the demonstration of hatred towards Atticus Finch by the majority of his white racial group living in Maycomb town, he is revered as one of the most courageous characters depicted for the condemnation of ethnic-racial discrimination.
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