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Clinical reflection log 1 - Essay Example

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The CNS nurse, Carey welcomed me to the Unit and gave me brief information about the two patients she was handling: one intra-partum and another one under observation. I helped her during patient care. After the patients’ needs were met, I went through the department’s…
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Clinical reflection log 1
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Download file to see previous pages Throughout this night, most of the staff and team kept on asking Carey about many things going on in the Unit, in order to double check with her regarding their decisions.
On the second night, I was so impressed from what I saw during the reporting time that physicians and nurses join together. I believe this is an amazing way to help all those who are going to work in that shift, and make them aware of what they have, and what they don’t have. Afterwards, there is a designated nurse with the responsibility to assign patients to each nurse, and coordinate the work flow.
I also greatly appreciate introduction of a small card that mentioned patient name, case and room number. Which helped nurses to take over patient of another nurse. In a busy day, or for any other reason, handing-over of the card of a patient to another nurse allows her to take care of a patient who is not her patient. Honestly, I am planning to apply this idea to the hospital that I am going to work with in future.
I also attended the cesarean section. I observed that there was some miscommunication between nurses and physicians which delayed the state case to enter the operation room. The CNS, Carey, encouraged the primary nurse to speak out her thoughts. After that, the primary nurse talked to the doctor regarding this miscommunication, and that was really helpful to correct the mistake and avoid any similar instance next time. Precisely, this is one of the requirements of WHO Quality Improvement Team Debrief.
Afterwards, Carey and I spent time in the Unit’s QS system that shows all patients files, and the CTG that was connected to the mother’s room. The night was quiet, and I noticed that the Unit had the same advanced equipment as in my home country. But there was something amazing. Wherever we went around in the Unit, there was a huge screen to show everyone the CTG, with the mothers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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