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The purpose of the study is to find problem is and ways of solving them to promote fairness in health issues.
The study was feasible because; money commitment- it was well…
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Health disparities in men and boys of color Task Research Article: QUANTITATIVE CRITICAL APPRAISAL GUIDELINES KEY CONCEPTS IN APPRAISAL
Research Problem and Purpose
1. What are the study problem and purpose?
2. Is the problem significant and relevant to nursing?
3. Was the study feasible to conduct in terms of money commitment; the researchers’ expertise; availability of subjects, facility, and equipment; and ethical considerations?
The study problem is why boys and men of color experience disparities in accessing quality health care. The purpose of the study is to find problem is and ways of solving them to promote fairness in health issues.
The problem is related to nursing because it deals with disparity of accessing health care amid boys and men of color since they are directly involved in providing health services.
The study was feasible because; money commitment- it was well sponsored; researchers’ expertise- individuals conducting the research have high academic standards and experience in health; availability of subjects- people giving information were readily available.; facility and equipments were available and lastly ethical awareness was considered in conducting the research.
Literature Review
1. Are relevant previous studies identified and described?
2. Are relevant theories and models identified and described?
3. Are the references current? Examine the number of sources in the past 5 and 10 years in the reference list.
4. Is the literature review organized to demonstrate the progressive development of ideas through previous research?
5. Does the summary of the current empirical and theoretical knowledge provide a basis for the study?
They are identified and described, for example, those that focus on gender, race and ethnicity and those dealing with HIV and cancer.
Relevant theories and models are not identified and described in the study.
The references are current since most were published in the past 10 years. Sources falling in the past 5 years and 10 years are 6 and 3 respectively.
Yes, the literature review is organized by stating the findings of previous studies like the underinsurance gap affecting Latino men.
Yes, the summary of the current empirical and theoretical knowledge provide a basis for the study.
Study Framework
1. Is the framework explicitly presented or must it be extracted from the literature review?
2. Does the framework describe and define the concepts of interest?
3. Does the framework present the relationships among the concepts? Is a map or model of the framework provided for clarity?
4. Are the concepts in the framework linked to the study variables?
5. If a proposition from a theory is to be tested, is the proposition clearly identified and linked to the study’s hypothesis?
The framework is explicitly presented since it is arranged in the following subtopics.
Yes, the framework elaborates and defines the concepts of the interests.
The framework presents the relationship among the concepts since they are all discussing health disparities. Yes, the model of the framework is provided and it includes; abstract, reasons for studying health disparities, agenda for research and references.
The concepts in the framework are linked to the study variables aptly.
Yes, incase a proposition from a theory is tested; it will aptly identified and linked to the hypothesis of the study.

Research Objectives, Questions, or Hypotheses
1. Are the objectives, questions, or hypotheses clearly and concisely expressed?
2. Are the objectives, questions, or hypotheses logically linked to the research purpose?
3. Are the research objectives, questions, or hypotheses linked to concepts and relationships (propositions) from the framework?
The objective of the study is to find ways of promoting fairness in providence of health care and shun disparity.
They were directly linked to the research purpose that also aims at solving the challenges faced by boys and men of color.
The objective and findings of the researcher were related to the study frame since diverse opinions were suggested
1. Identify the major study variables:
a. Independent
b. Dependent
c. Research variables
2. Are the major variables defined (conceptually and operationally) based on previous research and/or theories?
3. Is the conceptual definition of a variable consistent with the operational definition?
4. What demographic variables are examined in the study?
The major study variables for the research is independent since men and boys facing disparities are insignificant; hence, variable.
The core aspect to focus in when finding a solution to a problem at hand is always independent variable.
I do not think ‘operational’ has been discussed and elaborated in the research to reveal the association with variable consistent.
The demographic variables highlighted in the research article are the number of boys and men of color.
1. Identify the specific design of the study. Was the best design selected to direct this study?
2. Does the design provide a means to examine all of the objectives, questions, or hypotheses and the study purpose?
3. Does the study include a treatment or intervention? If so, is the treatment clearly described and consistently implemented?
4. Are the extraneous variables identified and controlled?
5. Were pilot study findings used to design the major study?
6. Identify the threats to design validity (statistical conclusion validity, internal validity, construct validity, and external validity).
The study has no specific design.
Sample, Population, and Setting
1. Are the inclusion and exclusion sample criteria described?
2. Did the researchers indicate the method used to obtain the sample? Is the sampling method adequate to produce a sample that is representative of the study population? What are the potential biases in the sampling method?
3. Identify the sample size and indicate if a power analysis was conducted to determine sample size. What number and percentage of the potential subjects refused to participate? Is the sample size sufficient to avoid a Type II error?
4. Identify the sample attrition from the study. If more than one group is used, do the groups appear equivalent?
5. Discuss the institutional review board approval and informed consent obtained. Were the HIPAA privacy regulations followed?
6. Discuss the setting and whether it was appropriate for the conduct of the study.
The inclusion and exclusion sample are not described in the research.
The research did not methods indicated and lacked proper sampling methods required. According to the research potential biases were men of color.
There was no method indicated, and for that reason there was no sample size and percentage.
The type of findings of the research is pilot study findings.
The research did not follow and criteria that HIPAA offers.
Answer the following, dependent on type of tools used in the study:
Scales and Questionnaires
1. Are the instruments clearly described?
2. Are the techniques to administer, complete, and score the instruments provided?
3. Are the reliability and validity of the instruments described? Did the researcher examine the reliability and validity of the instruments for the present sample?
4. If the instrument was developed for the study, is the instrument development process described?
Physiological Measures
5. Are the physiological measures or instruments clearly described?
6. Are the accuracy, precision, selectivity, and error of the physiological instruments discussed?
7. Are the methods for recording data from the physiological measures clearly described?
The study did not conduct any scales and questionnaires.
Data Collection
1. Is the data collection process clearly described and consistently implemented?
2. Is the training of data collectors clearly described and adequate?
3. Do the data collection methods address the research objectives, questions, or hypotheses?
The data collection of the research involved thorough research on books, journals and other credential areas that substantial information on health could be found.
The training of data collectors were not used in the study; hence, not clearly described.
Data collection methods address the objectives of study since they prove that men and boys of color ought to be considered and given quality health services.
Data Analyses
1. Do the data analyses address each objective, question, or hypothesis?
2. What statistical analyses are included in the research report? Are the data analysis procedures appropriate to the type of data collected?
3. Are the results presented in an understandable way? Are tables and figures used to synthesize and emphasize certain findings?
The data analysis has come up with ways of solving the problem, for example, it can be resolved through strategic research and action.
An example of statistical analyses in the report includes; a big number of Latino men are discriminated and access poor health services.
The results are presented in a comprehensible manner.
Interpretation of Findings
1. What is the researcher’s interpretation of findings? Are the results related to the study framework?
2. Which findings are consistent with those expected? Which findings are unexpected? Are significant and nonsignificant findings explained?
3. Were the statistically significant findings also examined for clinical significance?
4. Are the study limitations identified and relevant?
5. How does the researcher generalize the findings? To what populations can the findings be generalized?
6. What implications do the findings have for nursing practice?
7. What suggestions are made for further studies?
The researcher’s interpretation of the findings is that people have to begin practicing equality in all sectors, especially, medical sector. The results are related to the study framework.
1. Are the study findings consistent with those of previous research?
2. Do you have confidence in the findings?
3. Do the findings add to nursing knowledge?
4. Are the findings ready for use in practice?
The study findings are consistent with those of the previous research.
Yes, I have confidence in the findings since they aim at promoting equality in society and are as a result of well performed research.
The findings add to nursing knowledge since it teaches hem to love and avert discrimination when working.
I think the findings are ready for use by the people concerned globally.
Dionne, J., Aria, D., Jacqueline, J. (2012). Health Disparities in Boys and Men Color. Proquest
Nursing &Allied Health Source. American Journal of Public Health 102. Read More
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