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Nurse Staffing Issues - Research Paper Example

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In this writing we will analyze the various nursing staffing issues experienced my health care facilities. The top three issues of nurse staffing include: heavy increment in the turnover rate of nurse staff, lower number of staff and higher number of patients…
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Nurse Staffing Issues
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Download file to see previous pages It has been reported that due to lower level of wages, very less people work as NAs, especially in areas where economic conditions are worse. In these areas NAs are paid less than what they can receive as welfare and even health insurance coverage provided to them is less than the amount of medic aid. Due to lower level of wages offered in the field of nursing, NAs work permanently in other jobs and some even have jobs as permanent NAs. Low compensation and heavy work load which drains NAs both emotionally and physically have contributed to the high turnover rate experienced by the field of nursing. In certain health care facilities, the organizations experience a continuous process of training, hiring new nurses and recruiting new ones as in these organizations, nurse turnover rate is very high. Although NAs have to serve and provide aid to acute patients and they are paid less, they still try to provide the best help.
Various reasons have led to the retention of NAs although they are not paid well and their job is demands high amount of emotional as well as physical contribution. One reason that contributes to this retention is the NAs personal commitment towards those who require help. Various health care facilities in nursing facilities have made efforts to retain their nurses. Efforts made by them include: assigning one NA to one patient on full time basis, acknowledging the efforts incorporated by NAs and assigning leadership positions and responsibilities especially to NAs who have reached senior level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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