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DUI Task Force Experiment - Essay Example

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This type of design ensures that the issues under experimentation achieve a higher percentage of internal validity. The practice behind this design is to…
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DUI Task Force Experiment
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Download file to see previous pages The Following is a research study to compare the effectiveness of specialized training with that of unspecialized training in improving the efficiency in which the 12 units of the DUI task force prevent DUI related offenses. The researcher tests the management skills of 12 specialized officers, and that of 12 unspecialized officers. He thereafter randomly assigns them to two groups of 12 people each.
One group consists of specialized trained officers, and the other group consists of unspecialized officers. In this case, the control group will be unspecialized officers, while the treated group is the specialized officers. In conducting the research, the following methods of data collection will be used.
This involves perusing through the records of various officers under experimentation, to find out their efficiency in conducting their duties. This will also involve a look at the tickets issued during the last six months, of the year 2012. This will help in ascertaining the natures of DUI offenses that were common, and how efficient the officers under experimentation managed to reduce them (Dunning, 2012).
1) There is a risk of one group imitating the experiences of another group under comparison. This takes place when for instance the control group, which comprises of unspecialized officers, learns about the program, and tries to imitate the results that come from the treated group. This imitation can affect the posttest performance of the unspecialized officers who fall within the control group. The effect of this is that it will not produce an accurate result of the experiment.
2) Another threat to the internal validity of the program is rivalry among the treated group and control group in relation to compensation. This occurs when there are differences in compensatory packages amongst the control and treated groups. For instance, the unspecialized officers might see the specialized treatment that the specialized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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