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Grade 8- Coursework Questions - Assignment Example

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In addition, he insisted celibacy for priests in the Roman Catholic Church. For example, he banned all forms of simony or the buying and selling of spiritual services. These reforms were beneficial in that they helped to curb the passing on of…
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Grade 8- Coursework Questions
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work questions 1a. define lay investiture It is an act where some abbots and bishops were living like princesconcerned only with power and money
1b. give an example of lay investiture
Corruption in the church
1c. In your opinion, what would be an example of modern day lay investiture
Church leaders forcing people to pay tithes in return for salvation
2. How did Pope Gregory VII reform the church and were these reforms beneficial to the church. Give evidence to support the answer
Gregory forbade lay investiture. In addition, he insisted celibacy for priests in the Roman Catholic Church. For example, he banned all forms of simony or the buying and selling of spiritual services. These reforms were beneficial in that they helped to curb the passing on of power and wealth of papacy within noble families.
3. What is excommunication? Under what circumstances someone would be excommunicated
A severe penalty imposed by the church for serious sins against the catholic religion. When a person fails to obey the rules and laws of the church, they subject to excommunication just like Emperor Henry IV.
4. What is meant by Christendom?
It refers to a political and cultural atmosphere that came into existence during this era in Europe when nearly everyone was a catholic and Catholicism influenced every aspect of people’s lives.
5. What important ecumenical council was convened by Pope Innocent III? Explain the decision of the council
The Fourth Lateran council, which met in Rome; the council decided that Catholics must receive Holy Communion at least once every year. In addition, the Catholic Church introduced transubstantiation which described the changing of bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ that occurs at mass during the consecration via the word of the priests. The decision brought sanity in the church in that people practiced how to be holy.
6. How did the inquisition discourage heresy?
Inquisition had the authority to impose fines, imprison people, and condemn unrepentant heretics to death. This discouraged people from preaching false doctrines because they feared fines and imprisonment. In turn, heresy decreased.
7. Describe the Spanish inquisition and its contrast to the inquisition
The Spanish inquisition was very vicious in that it went beyond finding and punishing people suspected of heresy. The Spanish authorities targeted Muslims and Jewish converts to Christianity, accusing them of secretly practicing their former religion. On the other hand, the other inquisition only focused on finding and punishing heretics not converts of other religions.
8. What was the importance of the role of a friar?
They dedicated themselves to following Jesus invitation to sell all that you posses and give it to the poor. They saw the social roles of the Christian faith as a significant part of humanity’s partnership with God.
9. Why are any forms of persecution morally wrong?
Persecution is morally wrong because God did not empower human being to end a life of another person. Even if an individual has wronged society or church, they have no power to persecute him or her since they have the right to live and only God can judge them.
10. List and describe 2013 forms of persecution.
i. Excommunication from the church where a person is not allowed to pray and worship with others in the same church
ii. Some church leaders are abused or insulted by people because of their stand on immorality and corruption in the church
iii. Public criticism, where church leaders are publicly criticized in print media and in public gatherings Read More
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