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Essay on a religious leader - Abu Hanifa - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Hanifa is credited to have been the founder of the Sunni Hanafi School of Islamic jurisprudence. History records indicate that Hanifa was born in a part of present day Iraq called Kufa. His father…
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Essay on a religious leader - Abu Hanifa
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"Essay on a religious leader - Abu Hanifa"

Download file to see previous pages When Hanifa was growing up, the people around him were being oppressed by the rule of Abdul Malik bin Marwan. At this time also, Al-Hajjaa ibn Yusuf was the governor of Iraq. Yusuf was a staunch follower of Abdul. Amazingly, these issues did not affect Hanifa in any way. He never pursued any elementary education, instead choosing to be a businessman just like his ancestors. . His earliest business was a silk waving shop. Here, his fairness and honesty were exhibited.
Hajjaj and Abdul died in 95AH and AH respectively, and this marked the start of fair rule in the area (. Good administration and justice prevailed in the land unlike in previous regimes. The new ruler, Umar encouraged and promoted education all over the land. He was so passionate about education such that every homestead was a Madrassah. As a result of this, Abu Hanifa started taking an interest in education (Khan 67). His quest for education was boosted by the advice of as-Sha’bi, a respected scholar in Kufa. His keen interest in education would later have a profound effect on Islam. Madrassahs were Hanifa’s earliest source of education. Through this, Hanifa was able to learn about the Quran and Hadith. A jurist in kufa called Hammad assisted Hanifa greatly in his quest for Islamic studies (Umar-ali-qadri 42). Hanifa performed very well in his studies.
Abu Hanifa declined a post in 763 by al-Mansur to be the Chief Judge. Hanifa wanted to remain independent. However, his students benefitted from his tutelage. One of them, Abu Yusuf was instead appointed the Chief Judge of the State instead of him. When declining the post, he asserted that he was not fit for the post, a fact that illustrates his humility. Mansur was incensed by his decision to refuse his appointment (Sachedina & Esposito 176). He branded him a liar, but Hanifa responded to this by asking him that if he was indeed a liar, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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