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Scripture Inerrancy - Research Paper Example

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Liberty University Proposal Presented to Dr. Dennis McDonald In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for THEO 525 Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary by Dorothy Blue September 18, 2011 Scripture Inerrancy Thesis statement The reality of the discipleship of Christians is their ability to prove the Bible is free of all errors…
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Scripture Inerrancy
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Extract of sample "Scripture Inerrancy"

Download file to see previous pages Even though most people where born into the religions of their parents and thus religions that already existed before their births, they have grown to accept the basic teachings and history of their religions as true and factual. It will not be far from right to argue that such people uphold and defend the doctrines of their religions because of documented evidence of the sanctity and authenticity of the stories surrounding their religion. Christianity is one of such religions that have very large following of people who in all cases try to defend the perfection of the religion. Like people of most other religions, Christians are always confident of the sanctity of their religion due to the faith they have in the origin of their history, documented in their holy scripture referred to as the bible. The phenomenon by which Christians attest to the authenticity and sanctity of the bible is common referred in theology as scripture inerrancy (Rhodes, 2001). Scripture inerrancy is regarded as an important subject in theology not because of the need to exonerate Christianity but to offer religious education and enlightenment to the world at large. As an important component of theology, it does not seek to perfect one religion against another but it tries to lay the facts bear so that readers and listeners will be able to make informed decisions for themselves. It is for this reason that research work on scripture is being considered for this research work. Problem Statement The problem under research has to do with scripture inerrancy, which has to do with the inspiration of the bible. As Challis (2006) notes, “the doctrines regarding the Bible have been discussed and debated at length throughout the history of the church.” Until a common compromise is reached in the discipline of theology on the doctrines of the bible, it is true to say that the debate and research will continue. The topic of scripture inerrancy therefore appears to be a problem that common in theological circles and even among religious followers who desire to be convinced of the truth behind various religions. This also means that the research problem ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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