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Information campaign in schools, especially in the African countries. This information campaign process would be based on the specific goals of the MDG 3 on the elimination of gender disparity in the education system (Buvinic, 2008). The assistance of the schools would be…
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Presentation: Develop a international campaign to promote gender equality
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Download file to see previous pages Principals would also be informed that if they would agree to the campaign, a team of speakers promoting the MDG 3 would visit their school to discuss with the teachers and students about education and the importance of gender parity in the education system (Buvinic, 2008).
Principals agreeing to the campaign would then be visited by trained speakers. These speakers would mostly include a group of educators and experts on equal access to education. Notable success stories in different countries would be preferred as part of the information campaign. Speakers from countries who have been successful in implementing gender parity in education would be included as speakers. Successful women who have also been given equal opportunity at education would also be invited as speakers in these African classrooms (Leckie, 2013).
Through this information campaign in the schools, the schools would then be encouraged to eliminate gender discrimination in education, allowing both girls and boys equal opportunity to learn (Leckie, 2013). Allowing the speakers a venue for speaking to the children and the teachers would also help encourage a more open and supportive attitude towards gender parity in the healthcare system. Such attitude can translate into families as children are taught about gender parity in schools (Buvinic, 2008). These children would veer away from the traditional belief system – that girls do not deserve or need to go to school. It is important to instill changes in the framework of gender disparity among children, because these children can then carry these changes into their adult years, thereby breaking the tradition which their parents have known for years (Wilkinson and Hulme, 2013).
2. Information campaign in communities. The assistance of communities is also essential in this information campaign in order to affect families. This would be a continuation of the information campaign ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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