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Presentation on Mood Disorders Order No. 496121 Depression, also known as clinical depression, affects a person’s feelings, emotions and thoughts negatively, resulting in the inability of normal functioning in day to day life. Depression is not a condition from which persons can come out of on their own…
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Download file to see previous pages Clinical depression is almost always treatable. Drugs are prescribed which can provide relief to a patient within a span of few weeks or may take up to a couple of months to show results. In cases of less chronic depression psychotherapy, either individual or group, has been found to be an effective treatment for mood disorders. The three major types of depression are Major depression, Dysthymia and Bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive illness. In such a condition a person has cyclic mood changes. The mood swings from severe high to severe low. The three different forms of clinical depression are Physical, Behavioral and Emotional. In the Physical form of clinical depression a person tends to have sleep- related disorders, changes in eating pattern, low levels of energy and fatigue. In behavioral depression people tend to derive less joy from hitherto pleasurable activities. In such cases the sufferer finds it difficult to take decisions, remember things and lacks concentration. They neglect taking care of their appearance and do not take-up responsibilities. Emotional depression is characterized by suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and guilt. They cry for no apparent reason and feel persistently sad for two weeks or more. In assessing and treating such a condition, Hood and Johnson (1991) state that “assessment is an integral part of counseling...[and] provides information that can be used in each step of the problem-solving model” (p. 11). Sommers-Flanagan, J and Sommers-Flanagan (2009) in their outstanding book on Counseling state that before and during the assessment process ethical considerations should be adhered to. Assessment - In trying to make an assessment of the level of depression the individual has, I made use of the Goldberg Depression Questionnaire. Instructions - Though the Goldberg scale cannot take the place of professional help in detecting or diagnosing depression, yet it could act as a good guide in tracking an individual’s moods on a regular basis. However, in case the person knows for sure that they are depressed, it is better to reach out for help from a mental health professional. Assessment Scenario - The patient makes a visit and complains of being severely disturbed, anxious and irritable and requests for professional help. I make her lie down and relax and try to elicit some answers making use of the Goldberg Depression Questionnaire to make a proper assessment. There are 18 questions based on how the patient felt in the past week and the patient is asked to tick the relevant box that is nearest to what they felt. The answers received using the Goldberg Questionnaire, from the patient were as follows – 1. I do things slowly – moderately 2. My future seems hopeless – Somewhat 3. It’s hard for me to concentrate on reading – Just a little 4. The pleasure and joy has gone out of my life – Quite a lot 5. I have difficulty making decisions – Quite a lot 6. I have lost interest in aspects of life that used to be important to me – Quite a lot 7. I feel sad, blue, and unhappy – Quite a lot 8. I am agitated and keep moving around – Very much 9. I feel fatigued – Quite a lot 10. It takes great effort for me to do simple things – Moderately 11. I feel like I’m a guilty person who needs to be punished – Somewhat 12. I feel like a failure – ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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