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Adolescent Issues Post Class Assignment - Essay Example

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Reading comprehension is defined as “The process of simultaneously extracting and constructing meaning” (Sweet & Snow, 2003, p.1).Reading demands to comprehend and understand the meaning of message. However, there are certain factors which cease the ability of a reader to…
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Adolescent Issues Post Class Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages ecode the word, meaning cannot be extracted, when the child cannot decode fluently and automatically, reading is slow and laborious and memory for read material is poor, when the child cannot decode and it taught to rely on “context cues” or to “guess” at words, comprehension is compromised (2008 para.2).
Reading comprehension problem contributes to an underlying issue of inferential thinking or language comprehension problem. People with non-verbal or right hemisphere disorder are usually brilliant decoders. In this case, people do not have problem in remembering the precise details of read material. Such students do well in early educational period but they face difficulty with the increasing need of reading comprehension. Problems in notes taking during lectures arise due to the fact that there lay a complex comprehension difficulty and inferential thinking. Physiological and psychological impairment can also cause difficulties in comprehension. Reading comprehension is associated with tracking and scanning problems of vision. Psycho educational evaluation should be executed to identify and root out the issue (Kay, 2008 para.3, 4, 6).
Joining a gang is a matter of honor and desire among teens today. Some gangs are family based while some are mercenary. Both kinds of gangs have different motivations and attractions for teens. So are the reasons of joining them.
According to Wiener (1999) joining a gang is not always the choice of people gangs recruit and initiate the membership process. They protect and formulate the gang structure for their special needs. Twenty seven percent of the youth survey resulted in the result of ‘recruited’ into the current group of friends. They join gang by result of combined approaches push and pull (p.60).
…The pull—or that which attracts the person to join—often involves four primary attractions: the lure of money, the sense of family, the assurance of protection, and the enticement of family. Of course, these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Adolescent Issues Post Class Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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