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Business - Gender Discrimination - Speech or Presentation Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Gender Discrimination With the social diversity in work place, discrimination in workplace has been an everyday story. Gender discrimination otherwise referred to as sexual discrimination is a situation where a person’s sex acts the determining factor in the process of assessing who is to receive a job promotion, an employment position, and other employment benefits…
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Business - Gender Discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages Previous court rulings declare that, one of the responsibilities of a company is not to discriminate people against their sex. This indication is a determinant showing that discrimination begins even before the hiring process starts. As such, in this speech, I will seek to develop a persuasive argument showing the importance of addressing the issue of gender discrimination in work places. To begin with, the gap of gender at work place is still an impeding issue according to a new research on gender roles conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fact finding results reveal that women who work for 44 hours in a week earn 84.6 percent of total earnings of a man working for same hours (Stein, 2008:31). Worse still, the same statistics cites that, women who work for over 60 hours in week have earnings amounting to 78.3 percent of what men who are categorically in the same timeline earn. Additionally, it is agreeable that, sexual discrimination is a problem that affects education, employment, public institution, and domestic life (Lindgren, 2010:44). Even though today, women encounter minimal economic and social barriers as opposed to olden days, gender discrimination is still a major problem in many working places (Wrigley, 2008:7). With reference to a report brought forward by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women who worked full time earned only 77 cents for every single dollar that a man earned in 2009 (Reeves, 2010:57). According to the US report on female worker, in spite of the fact that women comprise of the largest percentage of workforce in most organizations in the world, they commonly access employment positions in the traditional female fields which include nursing, secretarial work, and elementary school teaching. It is therefore congruent for us to address the vagaries brought about by gender or sexual discrimination in our working organizations (Stein, 2008:49). Studies assert that, in most working places today, there are many instances of sexual discrimination against women. Despite the fact that court rulings set forth that it is possible to hold a company liable for discriminating people due to their sexes, pre employment screening tests portray discriminatory cases at large margins. Company discriminatory cases of gender occur in incidences of hiring where the firm sets or asks unacceptable questions that discriminate against sex (Reeves, 2010:69). The application process designs bogus pre employment tests that screen for sex making the overall hiring process bias and unfair. For a long time, the court upholds scenarios where a man receives an employment opportunity over a woman with a slight margin of qualification (Stein, 2008:63). This drastic difference in qualification has been around for a long time and according to analysts, it is a sure sign of discrimination. A better understanding of how sexual discrimination works reflects cases where a man who dropped out of high school gets an administrative post over a woman who has a master’s degree (Gregory, 2003:19). In this case, sexual discrimination is the ultimate factor depicting gender bias. Apart from gender discrimination gender discrimination during the hiring process, our working places today faces another form of sexual discrimination called sexual harassment (Lindgren, 2010:58). In this form of discrimination, some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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