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Digital Storytelling Presentation Name: Professor: Course: Date: Digital Storytelling Presentation Introduction A Time to Kill is a story which took place in the southern states of the United States, where the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) meet and there was high racial tension…
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Digital Storytelling Presentation
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Download file to see previous pages Jake Brigance, who is a lawyer, takes the case in favor to defend Carl Lee and he got assistance from his former boss, Lucien Wilbanks who is a law student at Ellen Roark and a fellow attorney Harry Rex Vonner. Rufus Buckley was the prosecuting attorney, and Omar Noose was to be the presiding judge over the trial. Buckley was quite sure that he is going to win the case so as to be publicly recognized with the hope of being elected to a higher public office (governor). Consequently, Freddy Lee Cobb who is Billy Ray Cobb’s brother wanted to revenge for Carl Lee’s killing of his brother. Mississipi branch of the KKK was enlists by Freddy for help which is led by Stump Sisson. Subsequently, a bomb was planted by KKK member under Jake’s pouch, and Bud, Ethel’s husband died on that day they were attacked by the KKK together with his wife who was Jake’s secretary. Riot started outside the court building on the day the trial commenced between the KKK and the area’s black residence and Molotov cocktail killed Stump Sisson. The attack was increased by Freddy and the KKK when it came to their realization that the black people were at fault. Peace was required during the trial and the National Guard was called upon. Carl Lee got acquitted by the jury at the end of the proceedings after lengthy deliberations by insanity reason. In the lead attorney young law firm for the defense and his team, years before PTSD was coined for description, Buffalo Creek took place. PTSD caused a major disaster which had a great impact on the survivors. The battle took a longer time as Stem and the group tried to get the court to inform them about the suffering experienced by survivors to be recognized by the company. This could be compared by survivor’s effect during Holocaust. It was painful when the survivors narrate the story, scene by scene and frame by frame. Every time the rain was heard, there was a relive and people may try and go to sleep or do other stuff which many people took for granted. In the prosecuting well established older law firm and his team, a Client who was a senior university aged 22 was arrested for having battered the police officer and committing two counts of assault. The police made an allegation that they got into the university cafeteria after Client was reported to pass out drunk in a booth. He allegedly beat up the police officers with his fists when he was aroused by the policemen. He was arrested after being taken to the station for booking. This never tamed him because he still continued to abuse the officer and combating them physically. Yanneti Criminal Defense Law came to represent him the following morning after his arraignment in court. Negotiations with the prosecutor begun when attorney Yannetti started his investigation on and sufficient facts were needed in the case on Client. Attorney Yanneti was however, insisting that Client should be put in pre-trial probation. Client admitted that he was wrong and he is going to stop drinking, execute community service for 40 hours and apologize to the officers in writing form. He was assured that the case will be done away with if at all he will abide by the promises he gave out in the court in the next 18 months. Client did his best and was finally freed because he was presumed to be innocent. The case was finally dismissed. In organizational life cycle, analysis has been done on the design which has been the tendency to generate studies which focus on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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