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Photographer - Martin Parr - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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The presence of Parr in the field of photography makes it large and entertaining since his experience has contributed to the initiative of collecting, and editing of books and exhibition. His passion for documentary photography has never ended. The images are always provoking…
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Photographer presentation- Martin Parr
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Extract of sample "Photographer - Martin Parr"

Download file to see previous pages They clearly reflect on their environment. A good example is shown in his book ‘Signs of the Times: A Portrait of the Nations Tastes’. (1992). He involved pictures of peoples’ homes, and used quotes below the pictures from this book. He has compiled very many photo books, which have taken long time to compile (Parr, 2012, p.78).
There are several things that have contributed to his success in the field of photography. Firstly, he always focuses on sets, but not individual images. According to him, none of his individual photos was the favorite. This is because he has ne never focused on individual images, but he thinks of big collections as projects or sets. In a recent interview, Martin Purr said that he stopped focusing on single photos to be able to capture the minds of many people in the internet.
Secondly, Martin Purr always adds statements on his photographs about the society. In every picture taken by him, there is a very strong statement that reflects on the society. This makes the photos interesting, funny, and depressing. Of late, he has been able to interject his thoughts and ideas into the photographs. This allows him to express his views about the society and the world at large.
This documentary photographer is always obsessive. He includes inspiration and encouragement quotes in the sets of photographs and photo books that he collects. These inspirations add more attention to the viewer especially in the internet. Martin Purr is now at the age of 60s and has not stepped down even one bit. He still fights for popularity and commercial shoots, and this makes him travel the world for the mobilization (Dewi, 2005, p.89).
Images taken by Martin Purr are always familiar. In a recent interview he explained that he does not possess a studio. However, he has an office in London but he does not visit the office regularly. He enjoys working at home where he preserves his photo books and other photographic collections. As technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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