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The for nursing research - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Analyze research article Reference to the article McMunn, V 2008, ‘Effects of alcohol consumption on young women’s behavior’, Art and Science, Vol. 23, No. 10, viewed November 16, 2012, < >…
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The presentation for nursing research
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Download file to see previous pages Even though the author does not directly communicate a research question for the study, this can be deduced from the research objective and the title. The research question would therefore be, ‘what are the effects of alcohol consumption on sexual behaviour of young women, between 16 and 24 years?’ The article also lacks a research hypothesis but this can be implied from the research question and the research objective. The implied null hypothesis is the statement that alcohol consumption does not affect sexual behaviour of young women between, 16 and 24 years (McMunn, 2008). The article’s literature review is explorative and establishes sufficient background information for the research. It for example explores literature on alcohol consumption by age and gender to identify a specific interest in young women, and impacts of alcohol on their behaviour. The review’s findings are also consistent with existing literature that the group of women between the age of 16 years and 24 years are heavy drinkers. The literature review is therefore comprehensive enough to identify the research problem (Plant, 2009). Strengths and weaknesses of sampling procedures The research applied simple random sampling approach, based on attendance to a given care facility. This is defined by the fact that the young women who attended the facility were a sample of the entire population of women of the particular age group. Simple random sampling has a number of strengths and weaknesses in its application in a research. One of its major strengths is its simplicity that allows a researcher to implement a research design with ease. It therefore offers no technicality that may further induce inefficiency in the data collection process (Ellison, Barwick and Farrant, 2009). The sampling design also has the ability to be used even without a prior knowledge of the target population by the researcher. This also facilitates its ease of application (Aday and Cornelius, 2011). Simple random sampling also has the strength of eliminating bias in sampling as the each element in the sample space has equal chance of being included in the sample and the researcher lacks control on specific members of the population to be sampled. In the case for instance, the research was limited to those women who attended the facility and the researcher could not study other women who did not register for the facility’s services (McMunn, 2008). The applied sampling procedure also has a number of limitations. While it is simple to apply, it may fail to generate a representative sample. Especially in cases where the target population has identifiable sub groups. Consequently, the applied sampling approach, simple random sampling, may not be suitable for making inferences. This is because in differentiated subgroup and in case the random approach only selects members of a few sub groups, then the generated results would be limited to such groups and not the entire population (McMunn, 2008). Another weakness of the applied approach is the fact that it might not yield efficiency in sampling. This is a consequence of the possibility of a non representative data, especially in a quantitative research (Aday and Cornelius, 2011). Simple random sampling is also a weak approach in a time series research as well as in handling data whose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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