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Research Report Assessment Article Summary Nurses should be given full freedom to choose the activities that can mark a difference in the patient’s outcome. When the nurses begin to conduct various sorts of activities, it is to be stated that they should remain much cautious towards assessing the activities that make no difference in the patient’s outcome…
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Research Report Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages Amongst various studies that have been conducted concerning this significant subject matter, a sort of moderate attitude towards the exercise of restraints with the elderly people can be viewed. A few of the reasons that can be considered as quite vital concerning the use of physical restraints with elderly people are viewed to be related with the safety concern of the patients (Werner & Mendelsson, 2001). With this concern, the purpose of this study is to forecast the adequacy of Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) and also to explain the reasons about why the nurses are executing physical restraints with elderly people and ultimately how they are benefitted. Research Question or Hypothesis The research questions that are appropriate for this particular study has been portrayed hereunder. Whether the attitude, approach and the subjective norms are related to the intention of nurse’s intention towards employing physical restraints particularly with the elderly people? How the nurse’s attitude, approach, subjective norms and objectives to exercise physical restraints are linked with selected professional as well as demographic variables? Research Variables Dependent Variables The main dependent variables used in the study include moral obligation, intention, attitude as well as subjective norm. Independent Variable Independent variables are mainly regarded as the socio- economic characteristics like age and professional facets such as years in the profession and the percentage of restraints used. The independent variables are first examined and then their merged effects are taken into concern for making further study. Extraneous Variables There are two extraneous variables that can be viewed in this study. These comprise years of education and religious belief of the people (Werner & Mendelsson, 2001). Research Design Research designs in general are of three kinds that include experimental, descriptive and causal research design. The research design used in this study is causal research design. It is often viewed to be a study which highlights the impact of one thing over the other (University of Southern California, n.d.). In this regard, a particular research design of correlation design has been taken into concern in the study with 303 nursing staffs in the region of Central Israel (Werner & Mendelsson, 2001). Population and Sample Setting In terms of setting, the population or the sample volume for this research study can be viewed as 303 staff members of nursing in an 800-bed hospital located in the central area of Israel (Werner & Mendelsson, 2001). Target and Accessible Population Participants have been asked to report their consent by taking into concern three different cases. These cases have been presented hereunder. 1. The first case is of an 87 year-old patient having cognitive deterioration and is hospitalized for three days. 2. The second case is of a 80 year-old patient who has been suffering from Cerebral Vascular Accident. 3. The third case included that of a 75 year-old patient who is suffering from moderate cognitive impairment (Werner & Mendelsson, 2001). Sample and Sampling Plan Three hundred and three nursing staff members of an 800 bed elder care hospital had participated in the study which was conducted. Females constituted majority of the population with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Report Assessment Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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