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Research findings on child and family health nursing reveal that there is poor collaboration among nurses, children and family members in health care (Sally, 2010). This is due to lack of adequate communication and participation of children, family members and nurses in the…
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Child and family health nursing
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Enhancing Collaboration in Child and Family Health Nursing Enhancing Collaboration in Child and Family HealthNursing
Research findings on child and family health nursing reveal that there is poor collaboration among nurses, children and family members in health care (Sally, 2010). This is due to lack of adequate communication and participation of children, family members and nurses in the management of health condition. The inadequacy in collaboration among parties of child and family health nursing has led to lack of satisfaction for health care services among patients and their family (Louise, 2011). In playing their roles, nurses face various challenges in promoting the participation of children and their families in the processes of nursing care. Previous research on child and family health nursing focus on ways of enhancing health care without emphasizing on the importance of collaboration of all parties in the care. Therefore there is need for an investigation into ways in which the parties within child and family nursing care can collaborate as a way of improving the care on various childhood health issues.
Solving the Problem
The aforementioned problem will be solved through a methodological research with a view of obtaining data and information from the parties involved in child and family health nursing. This data will be analyzed, discussed and presented in form of recommendations to all stakeholders. In order to solve the problem wholly, the proposed research will investigate into collaboration in promotion and maintenance of children’s health, healthy lifestyles among children and the various programs that are aimed enhancing the health of young people. In addition, the roles that are played by nurses, children and their family especially the mothers in promotion of child health will be investigated. The specific areas of care such as prevention of obesity and accidents among children will be focused by the investigation. The significance of programs for child and family health will be studied and their effectiveness improved. The analysis of research findings will lead to presentation of sufficient data and information that would be applied for improved collaboration in child and family health nursing.
In promotion of child and family health, there is need for healthy living. This can only be achieved if family members and their children are sufficiently informed on their role in promoting health. Through participation and communication as forms of collaboration, family members and children will be aware of the ways in which they would promote their health such as proper diets. Moreover the involvement of nurses in care will be enhanced through collaboration and good relationship with clients or patients. The proposed research emphasizes on improvement of child and family health though active involvement of all parties concerned and hence making the study a significant contribution to child and family health nursing. The proposed research is also a significant way of evaluating the health programs and medical regimens that are prescribed for children and families with an aim of promoting healthy living. This will lead to evidence based recommendations for improvements. The collaboration of parties in child and family care will also motivate other stakeholders such as hospitals, government agencies, policy makers and the community in general to actively participate in programs for enhancement of child and family health.
Louise, S. M. (2011).Behind the scales: Child and family health nurses taking care of womens emotional wellbeing. Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession, 37 (2), 137-148
Sally, W. (2010). Research priorities for nursing care of infants, children and adolescents: a West Australian Delphi study. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19 (13). 1919-1928 Read More
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Child and Family Health Nursing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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