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Child needs in Mental Health - Research Paper Example

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Running Head: Nursing A Person-Centered Approach to Child Mental Health Services An Article Review Name Name of Professor Introduction The article The Heart of the Matter 2: Integration of Ecosystemic Family Therapy Practices with Systems of Care Mental Health Services for Children and Families by Ellen Coffey argues that in spite of the widespread recognition of theorized, genetic, or biological explanations of chronic and severe mental illnesses in children, considerable number of empirical findings defies these theories…
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Child needs in Mental Health
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Extract of sample "Child needs in Mental Health"

Download file to see previous pages One of these alternative methods that the article proposes is the person-centered or nurture approach to child mental health. Such a practical and empathic method of dealing with the actual experience of the child and his/her loved ones completely conflicts with the alleged psychoeducational model, which recognizes a biological explanation for mental distress, like schizophrenia. The article explained that in spite more than decades of continued criticism, the mental health nursing approach continues to rule the diagnosis and treatment of mental health illnesses. Even though initially related with a particular school of thought, the mental health model and, currently, the biopsychosocial approach and other psychosocial perspectives are all employed by different academic fields and expertise in their attempts to determine what has to be done for the sake of care, therapy, and medication. It is not unexpected that a particular nursing framework for mental health and psychiatric care did not surface, or that theories of nursing have been quite poorly viewed by nurses themselves. Dissimilar from medicine and academic fields based on the social sciences, such as social work and medical psychology, nursing has traditionally been perceived as an intellectual minority, with very few empirical findings and negligible literature. Customarily, nurses have been relegated to a supporting role in the clinical field. In spite of two centuries of attempt to institutionalize an independent presence and a unique idea of the importance of nursing, nursing still seems to be preoccupied by the visions of the past. Because the general paradigm of mental health care keeps on involving the recognition of a clinical diagnosis and the operation of certain clinical interventions, the importance of any unique paradigm of nursing has been severely questioned. Analysis The article is quite descriptive and largely a review of related literature. In a way, the article has elaborated and justified the importance of person-centered approach to child mental health nursing, as well as the importance of alternative models, by mentioning credible scholars in the field. However, the article has some weaknesses. Even though nursing has an established relationship with the notion of caring through interpersonal attachments, ever more this has been dominated by claims for ‘evidence’ of their importance within an empirical scholarship framework. The article failed to provide some empirical justifications for its argument. Nevertheless, as some scholars argued, the dynamic mechanisms in nursing and the mental health patients, experiencing and dealing with a mental disorder, can eventually bring about healing, and are encountered per se by individuals under nursing care. The article argues that nurses have to build a certain rapport or attachment to the children in their care in order for them to unravel the experience of mental health disorder and wellbeing. Even though health care is turning out to be apathetic and technologically, large numbers of mentally ill children and their families are demanding for care and medication to reconfirm the bonds between themselves and their healthcare providers. Within this point of view the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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