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Evidence Based - Research Proposal Example

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Evidence Based Research Name Professor Institution Course Date The Meaning of Spirituality Among Nonreligious Persons With Chronic Illness by Creel, Eileen DNS, RN; Tillman, Ken PhD, RN OVERVIEW OF ARTICLE The article discusses the meaning of spirituality among non religious individuals suffering from chronic illness…
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Evidence Based Research
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Download file to see previous pages The researchers used a qualitative research design with the specific use of Phenomenology. This was motivated by the fact that Phenomenology provided the best opportunity for the researchers to get the real picture of how individual participants view the concept of spirituality. The researchers also use the van Manen's method in collecting data for the research study. A total of 11 participants were used for the research study with women dominating the numbers. There were 7 women while the remaining 4 were men. The participants were between the ages of 30 years and 71 years and were all whites. Furthermore, they were all educated with a minimum of a high school qualification (Creel & Tillman, 2008). Each of the participants was subjected to an interview and their views recoded and transcribed in a tape. Thereafter, the lead researcher listened to the interviews and made a phenomenological reflection to grasp each participant’s reflection of the meaning of spirituality. After a thorough analysis of the interviews, it was reported that there were five themes related to the concept of spirituality among individuals suffering from chronic illness. ...
The findings are specifically relevant in the body of knowledge related to the spirituality of patients suffering from chronic illness. Furthermore, the researchers have used a reliable research design that ensures highly accurate responses from participants. Therefore, the findings of the research study are reliable. On the other hand, the article has a major weakness of using a narrow selection of participants. All the participants used were whites and this may have affected the accuracy of the results of the study. This also covers the inclusion of people that have religious affiliations in the research study. The study should have used participants from different cultures as well as those that do not have a religious affiliation. Examining the Impact of Socioeconomic Status and Socioecologic Stress on Physical and Mental Health Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Survivors by Kimlin T. Ashing-Giwa, PhD, and Jung-won Lim, PhD OVERVIEW OF ARTICLE The article discusses a research on a clinical trial aimed at testing the efficacy of brief intervention in reducing the use of alcohol and its related harms in the context of postpartum women. The research design involved the use of quantitative data from a random trial in a clinical setting that was conducted between 2002 and 2005. The research procedures involved the use of health screening survey that was conducted the participant’s 6-week postpartum visit. Some of the items contained in the survey include the level of drinking and period of time. Eligible participants were asked to participate in a baseline assessment interview that involved questions related to the use of alcohol and tobacco among other drugs. The questions also touched on neighborhood disorder, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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