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Critique of Studies Part-3 - Research Paper Example

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Critique of Published Research Name Institution Course Critique of Published Research Critique of Quantitative Research “The impact of self-management support on the progression of chronic kidney disease—a prospective randomized controlled trial” Results Data Analysis The researchers of this quantitative study carried out a thorough analysis that sought to address the postulated research questions…
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Critique of Research Studies Part-3
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Download file to see previous pages The research had two groups, with one on the self-management services program while the other one was Non-SMS. The researchers assumed that the differences between the two groups were the result of the self-management services program. The research used Statistical Package for Social Sciences for Windows (version 16; SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL) as the main statistical analysis tool. Comparison of the two groups in the study relied on the v2 test and variance analysis. In order to estimate the time and ratings of the dialysis process, the researchers opted for the Kaplan–Meier method. These methods successfully helped control for the occurrence of confounding variables. The researchers minimized the occurrence of both type 1 and 2 types of errors by ensuring a careful calculation of a significant p-value that served as a guide in the rejection of either the null and the alternate hypotheses. The nurses charged with the role of data collection and entry did a diligent job because there was no issue of missing data since data was available for the 54 patients. Findings The researchers present comprehensive finding from the two groups with emphasis accorded to the statistical significance. In all cases, the p-value is provided and there is evidence of effect size as the researchers focused on establishing the differences between the two groups of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. There is good user of tables and figures in the representation results. The confidence intervals seem reasonable in addressing the parameters for an unknown population. Moreover, the presented findings from both groups and variables considered suffice to allow a meta-analysis in comparison to different sets of data obtained from related studies. Discussion Interpretation of Findings It is evident that the researchers embarked on an extensive process of interpreting the presented results. There is an elaboration of the meaning and significance of measuring all the variables highlighted in the report. Apparently, the researchers have discussed the results within the framework described in the introduction. Therefore, the discussion exhibits relevance to the context of chronic kidney disease and the effect of the self-management services. The researchers have made a point of justifying all the causal inferences inherent from their findings. Evidently, all interpretations provided in the discussion section have a good basis contextually, making them well founded. In addition, there is evidence of consistency of the discussions offered and the research limitations. As expected, the research presented its unique limitations especially in definition of the effect size that highlights the difference between the SMS and Non-SMS groups. The researchers also paid attention to the generalizability of the findings to a greater population. Implications/recommendations The researchers highlight the implications of their study in accordance to the presented findings. It becomes apparent that the self-management services program designed to address the issues that the patients consider as critical effective in reducing the rate at which the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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