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Delegation Example in a Health Care Setting - Speech or Presentation Example

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Delegation Example in a Health Care Setting Presentation Slide: 1 Title of the Presentation: Delegation Example in Health Care Setting. Name of the Presenter: Date: Slide: 2 Objectives of the Presentation Firstly it would focus on the mode of applicability of the delegation process or model pertaining to the ambit of nursing…
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Delegation Example in a Health Care Setting Presentation
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Extract of sample "Delegation Example in a Health Care Setting"

Download file to see previous pages Fifthly it would focus on such stakeholders and aiders in the nursing process that would be impacted by changes in decision making. Sixthly out of the different stakeholders the project would focus on identifying the Right Stakeholder for Conducting and implementing the decision taken. Seventhly it would focus on choosing the right mode of communication to communicate the plan to the staff and stakeholders for solving the problem. Eighthly strategies are also needed to design the process of countering potential conflicts. Ninthly a model of gaining proper feedback from the participants needs to be formulated that in the tenth case would help in making effective evaluation of the problem-solving delegation model and also place needed recommendations where essential. Slide 3 The Delegation Model The Delegation Model chosen for nursing is based essentially on Five Rights. The Factors of Righteousness concerning Delegation can be conceptually underlined as follows. Firstly, it must be noted that that the tasks assigned fall in the category of being rightly delegated to others and should not fall in the ambit of nursing practice. Secondly, in the process of delegation it is required to be understood that the person chosen to be delegated is competent and right enough to satisfy the requirements of the task chosen. Thirdly, evaluation must be conducted as to whether the decision taken pertaining to the assignment of the task enhances the right of nursing care rendered to patients and thereby involves the accomplishment of different steps to achieve a favorable outcome. In the process of delegation it is required to rightly communicate the process or steps involved in the plan to the different stakeholder groups elucidating and emphasizing the process of conducts and expectations thereof. Finally the fifth step focuses on gaining effective feedback from the participants or stakeholder groups in the task delegation process that in turn would help in enhancing the amount of benefits rendered to the patients. This step also includes rightly evaluating the model in helping in achieving the objectives for which it had been incorporated and thereby providing useful recommendations (Clark, 2008, p.186). Slide 4 The Healthcare Problem Quality of services rendered through healthcare is countering problems owing to the shift from standards or best practices involved pertaining to pathological timings. It is observed that in many cases the morning pathological functions concerning collection of blood, urine and stool samples and subjecting them to tests get disrupted owing to the loss of focus and unavailability of required staff. Owing to the above case the formulation of pathological reports counters a major problem thereby rendering threat to the process of medication and treatment involved pertaining to the patients (Harris, 2005, p.395-396). Slide 5 Stakeholders to the Delegation Process The stakeholders to the delegation of tasks pertaining to the effective operation of the morning laboratories would consist of the following parties: Doctors, Laboratory Staff, Nursing Aids, Patients Involved and Nursing Staff. These people are identified as stakeholders to the delegation process in healthcare for they have significant interests and also would be potentially affected pertaining to the level of outcomes resulting thereof. These groups of stakeholders consist of both external and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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