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Conflict Scenario - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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This problem mixed with personal attitude and lack of seriousness on the work led to a series of issues and arguments. The scheduler who supposed to be providing the correct timings for appointments had not taken enough pain to confirm with the doctor before giving the appointment as the clinic is for breast cancer patients, which is a serious problem…
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Conflict Scenario PowerPoint Presentation
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Extract of sample "Conflict Scenario"

Download file to see previous pages The template given to the receptionist by the doctor could be a standard template but the template given by the scheduler may not be the standard one and so the scheduler gave a patient an appointment that does not exist. This led to confusion even to the doctor. The scheduler could have reduced the whole chaos if her personal attitude would have notcome her way when discussing with the receptionist. Due her attitude she disliked to talk to the receptionist and about the issue to resolve and instead she left a blind eye on the issue, which led to all the problems. Due to this unacceptable attitude towards work by the scheduler the issue could not have escalated and could have been subsided.
Typically, entry-level nursing education programs provide some basic exposure to general and basic breast cancer nursing, but little direct experience in patient care and scheduling process should be offered. Academic programs in patient care nursing are generally restricted to graduate advanced practice programs for clinical nurse specialists or nurse practitioners.
The perception of understanding has a great deal to do with communication and managerial effectiveness. Since outstanding management presumes that one can influence people to be communicative, an objective analysis of your influencing capacities and the way other people see it is crucial.
One way to get this kind of necessary feedback is to take an interactive and intense program to help accomplish a critical self-assessment. Examine interpersonal intangibles in that setting. Experiment with and examine the present interactive style and refine and improve it - in response to the straightforward and frank feedback that you receive. Arrange, somehow, if possible, to get out of the daily work situation into a relaxed, informal setting with a small group of other staff and executives. Talk to each other. Discover ways in which ones behavior and attitudes affect others. Put oneself in the capable hands of a qualified professional trainer. Cover this in training seminar such things as listening, communicating, leading, handling frustration and anger, asserting yourself, facing pressures, relating to colleagues, personal openness, handling stress, perceiving, respecting other people's feelings, selling your ideas to other people, and giving and receiving constructive criticism.
After getting to know each other quite well, formally and informally, near the end of the program have a major feedback session. Then the group discusses: whether or not, based on what they have got to know about you at that point, they would want you as a colleague and why or why not.
The increasing complexity of pediatric critical care has required a corresponding evolution in the sophistication of pediatric critical care nursing (PCCN). The role of the nurse in this setting is multifaceted.
First, the nurse serves as a form of total systems monitor-continually examining all the physiologic monitors and treatment devices, along with the child's body. This requires the acquisition of peripheral vision. A skilful doctor learns to adjust settings on critical care equipment so it can serve as an extension of his or her own sensory system. The nurse has to perform routine maintenance activities (e.g., medication preparation, blood procurement) while ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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