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Annotated bibliography Student Number: Seminar: Tutor: Due Date: Source 1 Dimaggio, G., Nicolo, G., Popolo, R., Semerari, A., & Carcione, A. (2006). Self-Regulatory Dysfunctions in Personality Disorders: The Role of Poor Self-Monitoring and Mindreading…
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Download file to see previous pages From the case study, it is evident that the use of drugs played a role in worsening the patient’s conditions. The Psychologist should have tried other ways such as counseling to treat the disorder rather than use drugs. The use of drugs prevents the healing process as they cause addiction. The source evaluates the impacts of poor self-reflection and self-regulation in personal disorders make the condition worse. The paper evaluates the need for self-management as the initial way of dealing with personal disorders. The parents in the case study should also be involved in monitoring the child. Monitoring Jeremy’s behaviour could have helped prevent deterioration of his mental state. The source also provides alternative therapies to deal with personal disorders. Source 2 Fine, M., Overholser, J., & Berkoff, K. (1992). Diagnostic validity of the passive-aggressive personality disorder: suggestions for reform. American Journal Of Psychotherapy, 46(3), 470-484. The article cited above talks about passive aggressive disorder, which is similar to the ailment suffered by Jeremy. The article evaluates the problems faced by medical practitioners in the accurate diagnosis of the disorder. Accurate diagnosis of the disorder is important to ensure that the right measures are taken to control the ailment. The paper evaluates the functional use of diagnostic category that puts the ailment as an inadequate psychiatric disorder. Passive aggressive disorder in the paper is viewed from a dimensional point of view and not a categorical perspective. The model presented in the paper evaluates five psychological factors that describe the ailment. The factors include resentment, resistance, reactance, reserved reinforcement and rigidity. The paper uses the model to define passive aggressive disorder better than the model used today. The paper has been used to evaluate Jeremy’s behaviour having being diagnosed with the ailment. The paper helps understand the concept of passive aggressive behaviour. Source 3 Matise, M. (2007). The enneagram: An innovative approach. Journal Of Professional Counseling: Practice, Theory & Research, 35(1), 38-58. The article cited above deals with professional counseling practices used to deal with passive aggressive disorder. The paper deals with providing alternative treatment for patients that do not lead to addiction. Jeremy dependency on prescription drugs made him unstable and worsened his condition. The paper evaluates enneagram as tool used to depict personality styles. The tool is used in theoretical counseling practices to enhance the relationship between the patient and the psychologist. The tool provides the councilor with nine personality styles that can be used then dealing with a patient. The nine styles are evaluated and corresponding theories presented to understand each style. The use of activities that Jeremy responds to can be used in providing healthcare to the patient. Understanding the patient’s personality will be productive in determining a long lasting health care plan rather than the use of drugs. The article covers ways in which a psychologist can improve his relationship with a passive patient. Source 4 Vallis, T., Howes, J. L., & Standage, K. (2000). Is Cognitive Therapy Suitable for Treating Individuals with Personality Dysfunction?. Cognitive Therapy & Research, 24(5), 595. The article cited is a case study that deals with personality disorders and the effectiveness of cognitive therapy to treat the disorder. The article ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bibliography and Presentation PowerPoint Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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