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Effects in Adult Diabetics Participating in Anaerobic Exercise versus Strength Training Exercise - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The purpose of this review is to evaluate and review research completed within the last ten years comparing the effects of anaerobic exercise to those of strength training exercise such as "Exercise therapy in type-2 diabetes, Is daily exercise required to optimize glycemic control?"…
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Effects in Adult Diabetics Participating in Anaerobic Exercise versus Strength Training Exercise
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Extract of sample "Effects in Adult Diabetics Participating in Anaerobic Exercise versus Strength Training Exercise"

Download file to see previous pages Anaerobic exercise can use glucose in the absence of air, and this type of exercise results in muscles that develop differently than another exercise. Some examples of anaerobic exercise are spinning, jumping or sprinting (Train with me, 2012). Strength training can also be considered anaerobic when done in high intensity through most strength training programs are of low to moderate intensity and remain aerobic.
Strength training exercise is thought to promote strength while developing flexibility (Spaulding, 2012). Strength training is known to help protect the health of bones and decrease and reverse muscle loss. Strength training involves contracting of muscles against a resistant force. Exercises that are considered strength training are push-ups, stair climbing, and weight lifting.
The importance of exercise is recognized in diabetic blood glucose control. Each type of exercise burns energy differently, affecting the body’s blood glucose levels. The research will help decide which type of exercise is most beneficial in controlling their glucose levels.
Dijk, J. V., Manders, R., Tummers, K., & Bonomi, A. (2012). Both resistance- and endurance-type exercise reduce the prevalence of hyperglycemia in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance and in insulin-treated and non-insulin-treated type-2 diabetic patients. Diabetologia, 55(5), 1273-1282. do: 10.1007/s00125-011-2380-5
The methodology used in this research study was statistics and data analysis. There were 45 participants. 15 were men with IGT and 30 men who were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. None of the participants had renal failure, liver disease, morbid obesity, hypertension or a history of serious cardiovascular problems. Written consent was obtained from each participant.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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