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Exercise is Important for Fitness - Essay Example

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This mini-paper "Exercise is Important for Fitness" emphasizes upon the fact that regular exercise is important for health and fitness because if we do not work out our bodies in the form of exercises, we will lose the freshness and fitness that is necessary to keep our bodies in shape. …
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Extract of sample "Exercise is Important for Fitness"

Your full February 15, Exercise is important for fitness Regular exercise is an important measure of good health and fitness. If we do not work out our bodies in the form of exercises, we will lose the freshness and fitness that is necessary to keep our bodies in shape. This mini-paper emphasizes upon the fact that regular exercise is important for health and fitness.
Our bodies need exercise in order to prevent diseases. Regular exercise prevents heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. It improves our look and increases longevity since aging slows down. It improves the stamina of body to do regular tasks. For example, aerobic exercises make us use energy for the continuous and rhythmical motions. So, our stamina builds up, and when we have to do similar tasks, our bodies need less energy because they have been tuned. Moreover, exercises strengthen our bones and tone our bodies so that they remain in perfect shape. For example, exercising with weights develops muscles and strengthens ligaments which results in increased potency and endurance. Stretching exercises like abdominal stretching increases flexibility and improves posture. They help our bodies to move, twist and turn more flexibly. Our weight also gets controlled since we burn the extra calories which are not required by our bodies. Burning more calories than we take in helps us lose weight.
In short, exercises are an excellent means of keeping our bodies fit and in perfect working condition. Since the quality of life increases due to reduced bodily stress and controlled weight, we can say that exercises are very important for our health and longevity. Read More
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