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Personal Fitness - Essay Example

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Reiner et al. (2013) supports the same view by stating that physical activity reduces the high risk that comes with lifestyle diseases. When…
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Personal Fitness
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"Personal Fitness"

Download file to see previous pages Children, who exercise, benefit from the lowered risk of chronic pain in future (Harvey, 2015). Perhaps the most rewarding thing that a person can do to help themselves would be to have regular physical activities, because it not only lowers a person’s weight, but it reduces the risk of diseases such as certain cancers. In addition, it promotes the mental well-being of a person. According to Evers et al (2012), behavioral interventions which applied to a group of people showed that their adherence to physical and mental activities increased as their physical activities increased.
Though personal fitness may only involve one person and not as a group of people in a fitness center, Angle (2014) argues that exercising when a person in under the supervision of professionals is extremely important. According to Blitz (2015) getting the right balance between instructing oneself and when using the equipment instead of being supervised is extremely important. As noted by Brett and Chris (2013) the duration that an individual exercises matters because the longer the exercise duration, the lower that it impacts on the individual. This shows that personal fitness is not only a matter of exercising, but knowing how to exercise. Douw et al (2014) proposes that to get the maximum benefits of exercising, a person needs to understand the benefits involved in exercising. Lastly, as noted by Kranz at al (2013) exercising using personalized mobile devices is helpful, for people who want supervisors during exercise routines.
Personal fitness does not only mean that a person wants to look better or eat better. It also means that the person is aiming at decreasing his or her risk of diseases, feeling both mentally and physically better and be in a position to perform better at work, school or at home. To show that exercise has many benefits which are not necessarily related to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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