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Physiological Parameters in Male College Students - Lab Report Example

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In the paper “Physiological Parameters in Male College Students” the author analyses the role of physical activity on various health parameters. There is strong evidence that regular physical activity reduces the risk of various cardio-respiratory disorders…
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Physiological Parameters in Male College Students
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Extract of sample "Physiological Parameters in Male College Students"

Download file to see previous pages However, the lean body mass (protein mass) is preserved and the Basal metabolic rate is increased. Regular physical activity has shown to preserve the optimum functions and structure of muscles, bones, joints and the cardiovascular system, leading to increased quality of life. This might attribute to improved coordination, strength, and reduced incidence of fall and fractures in older ages (Stredt et al, 2013) (Telama et al., 2009) (Twisk et al., 2000).
 Physical activity also has been associated with lesser incidences of depression and anxiety and leads to elevated mood and increased self-esteem (Biddle & Asare, 2011). Further research indicated that almost 40% of deaths due to Coronary Heart Diseases were related to the inadequate physical activity. Physical activity also has been shown to reduce the risk of developing Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, by increasing insulin sensitivity. Further, the incidences of stroke, hypertension, and thrombosis were shown to have reduced by adequate physical activity (Stredt et al, 2013) (Telama et al., 2009) (Twisk et al., 2000).
 The dissertation was carried out to assess, whether any degree of physical activity impact the physiological parameters in male college students or there is a need for a standardized and optimum physical activity regime to perceive the health benefits of physical activity.
 Various physiological and anthropometrical parameters were measured from male college students (Appendix- Excel Sheet attached) through standard protocol as per VLE. The subjects were selected on the basis of random sampling to reduce the chances of bias in our study. The inclusion criteria for our study were male college students in the age group of 19-24 years, non-smokers and must be involved in some level of physical activity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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