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Providing Sex Education for Their Children by Joy L - Article Example

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The paper “Providing Sex Education for Their Children by Joy L” revolves around the discussion of the article. It discusses the parents’ role in providing their children with the basic knowledge of sex education; it argues that should parents discuss early sex knowledge with their children or not?…
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Providing Sex Education for Their Children by Joy L
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Extract of sample "Providing Sex Education for Their Children by Joy L"

The article also explores how parents can lead an influential role in shaping the knowledge of their children regarding sex education without embarrassing them. The article provides an in-depth analysis of the parents’ role in this regard after interviewing them. Also, it describes that which gender of the parent can be influential. Parents can play the role of educators in informing their children from the harms of early sex activities.
The author has tried to explore the fact that how parents can help their children in acquiring first-hand knowledge related to sex education from home and how they can improve their idea and concepts related to this topic. The author of the article has emphasized on the role and participation of the parents as educators in this article. The article explores that there are a majority of children who face problems discussing anything related to sex with their parents due to embarrassment. According to Walker (2001), about 72% of the teenagers feel embarrassed talking about sex with their fathers and 43% of the teenagers feel embarrassment from their mothers. The author further explains that the majority of the parents favor providing sex education at school. I agree with the author that the majority of the teenagers feel uncomfortable discussing such an issue with their parents but at school, there has to be a certain age limit for the students as well as the information related to sex and other relationships has to be in a limit.
The writer further tells the reader that discussing sex with parents won’t increase the probability of children’s engagement in this but; I believe that parents can provide limited information to them, however; curiosity can be the factor in triggering the urge to know what happens in reality. The author needs to find out how it can be preventable more thoroughly. I agree with the author’s findings that mothers can play a vital role in that and children often feel comfortable discussing such issues with their mothers as compared to fathers. The author also needs to find out the reasons behind this comfort zone for the children.
The article is technically correct as it contains all the details required to conduct research and to give the results. However, the author needs to support his opinion in a more academic framework to prove his statements. The author needs to highlight and project the facts in a more orderly manner supported by the research work of other researchers related to a similar topic.
The article has failed to change my opinion. I believe that the age of the child should be considered as the main factor for the parents to discuss anything on sex and it has to be in limits. Also, schools should be responsible enough to limit the flow of information on anything related to sex education. As it cannot suppress the urge of knowing more information but it can trigger the urge to experiencing it on their own. Read More
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Providing Sex Education for Their Children by Joy L Article - 1.
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