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The Behavior of Children with Autism - Research Paper Example

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The paper 'The Behavior of Children with Autism' focuses on children with autism who have very unusual and socially inappropriate behaviors. Some inappropriate behavior that children with autism display are tantrums, spinning objects, self-control, and self-stimulation…
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The Behavior of Children with Autism
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Extract of sample "The Behavior of Children with Autism"

Download file to see previous pages Joe is labeled as having autism; however, he is also taking medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (i.e. ADHD).
Currently, Joe is going to Harrison Elementary School in Livingston, Virginia. This school has grades from kindergarten through sixth grade and is located in a middle- class area. Joe is in an autism self-contained class, and his classmates range in educational levels from third through sixth grade. Joe is in the fourth grade. He has been going to this school for five years and has been in the same autism program with three of his classmates for all of this time. Joe is well-known and liked around the school because he is very talkative and social. He also lives in a middle-class neighborhood near his school. Joe is a very smart boy, but he is considered to be lower functioning because his test scores place him below grade level. Joe does not take the standard of learning tests (i.e. SOL); however, he does qualify to take the Virginia Alternative Assessment Program test (i.e. VAAP). In school, he does participate in general education activities, such as art, physical education, and music. In addition, he also has his academic work that is done in the general education classroom and his class.
At this period in time, Joe has an Individual Education Program (i.e. IEP) in which he has several goals that he is working on, besides his general education activities and curriculum. His individual goals are in the areas of communication, fine motor/ writing tasks, classroom behavior, math, language arts, and reading.
Joe interacts socially with his peers and teachers. He responds to questions willingly, participates in all activates and has an average-sized vocabulary. However, he likes to use words that begin with the letter s, which sometimes impedes communication. Joe’s goals include developing a functional language, using the correct pronunciation with words that begins with the letter s and initiating and maintaining a conversation with peers or adults with no outside help.
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