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Hildren at play - Essay Example

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This essay is about the children’s attitudes to their school playgrounds. Play can commonly be defined as activities of children consisting of a range of self-chosen activities according to their interests which gives them pleasure and satisfaction. …
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Hildren at play
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Download file to see previous pages The paper outlines all the playground's changes and gives also a short survey consisting of six questions was given to twenty one children to know their attitudes towards their school playgrounds. Rules and restrictions such as no running or jumping off playground equipments, fighting, climbing, playing ball games near school buildings and so on, are induced to reduce the like hood of accidents and injury. Schools offering more sanitized play environments are of latest trend. According to Titman ‘manufactured provisions which claim to substitute for children’s loss to free access to the external environment has resulted in the creation of places which too often provide little more than amusement and diversion’. School grounds having been designed to reduce the likeliness of injuries/accidents has shown to be less stimulative in terms of what it offers to children and also failed to provide the environmental experience. In view of safety measures most of the schools have principally removed movable play equipments such as swings, see-saws, roundabouts which do not conform to the safety, standards and/or they have shown to be the cause of accidents and injury.
Black Hill Primary School viewed from outside seems to have a small play ground raising the curiosity to see if the children’s thoughts mirrored mine. The school has ample equipments, with a playground quiet small enough for track events and ball games which has a basket ball/tennis/netball court, also a sand pit, slides, swings, monkey bars, ladders, bridges and a recently installed flying fox. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hildren at Play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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