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Children's Social Behavior And Education - Essay Example

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The paper "Children's Social Behavior And Education" discusses the fact that upward trend towards socially unacceptable behavior can reach a stage in which children might lose his opportunity for education. It is in this context that behavior is analyzed and remedies sought…
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Childrens Social Behavior And Education
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Extract of sample "Children's Social Behavior And Education"

Download file to see previous pages It is natural that children have a tendency to revolt against social restrictions imposed on them. They usually have a tendency to only reluctantly submit to social conditioning that happens to them in early years. But in Samuel’s case, his behavior shows an upward trend towards socially unacceptable behavior which has reached a stage in which he might even lose his opportunity for education. It is in this context that Samuel’s behavior should be analyzed and remedies sought.
The expectations that others keep regarding a child’s behavior is one factor affecting the behavior itself. There is also the danger of labeling Samuel as a “bad boy”, which might aggravate his situation (Mah 2007, pp.13). It seems that the English teacher of Samuel has already labeled him as a bad boy, which is evident from their mutual hatred. But this kind of labeling can have a seriously negative impact (Mah 2007). Labeling is also related to the language that is being used to describe a child who has some kind of behavioral problem (Lee 2010). Lee has opined that “the language used to describe behavior […] can cause problems in schools” (2010, pp.5). Porter has observed, “issue with language is that terms such as ‘misbehavior’ or ‘inappropriate behavior’ do not specify to whom those acts are ‘inappropriate’ (2006, pp.4). Porter has also noted an important point when he said this kind of judgment of the child “ implies that teacher’s judgment on this issue is sacrosanct” (2006, pp.4). It is also noted, “the implication is that, when there is a disruption in a classroom, the offending students are to blame-there is something wrong with them” (Porter 2006, pp.4).
Factors like family, early years setting, living atmosphere and social attitudes and value systems have been found to affect children’s behavior in a given context (Papatheodorou 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children'S Social Behavior And Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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