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Teacher's perception on school bullying in the middle school of China - Essay Example

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Findings 1. Defining “bullying”: teachers’ views A key finding was that most Teachers had similar opinions about the nature of bullying from the interview indicating that bullying is a behavior that “intentionally hurts another people physically or mentally” (Olweas)…
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Teachers perception on school bullying in the middle school of China
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Download file to see previous pages ”, almost all teachers complained that “bullying behaviors (such as theft, name calling, teasing and so on: definition will be discussed further below) “have happened again and again, which makes me feel frustrated, because I did not prevent them from committing the same thing again”. However, in relation to views about “power imbalance” between victims and perpetrators of bullying, teachers had contrasting opinions about this aspect of bullying behavior While many researchers and experts on bullying have highlighted the feature of “power imbalance”, according to Olweus (1993), bullying has two vital characteristics that have been recognized as the psychological or physical form of hurts which take place frequently along with factor of power imbalance. Meichenbaum (2008) for example maintains that it is “a form of aggression in which there is an imbalance of power between the instigator and the victim” (Donald Meichenbaum 2008 pg. 83), some participants in the present study have shown different and variable views on this aspect of bullying. One teacher maintained that in their experience victims of bullying did not conform to popular stereotypes: “not necessarily those physically small students will be bullied, sometimes the physically strong ones, who I thought will not be bullied become the targets”. ...
Bullying is fundamentally about the willingness to harm another person, something that is not related directly to size. In Pepler et al.’s study (1999), emphasizes this point, indicating that a lack of empathy, what they call “cold cognition” was the most important predictor of bullying behaviour. 2. Teachers' perception of the extent of bullying behaviours Teachers' perception of the extent of bullying was found to vary depending on the gender of students Boys were thought to be mainly bullied by same sex peers, including one single boy or a group of several boys; while girls are likely to be bullied either by boys or by girls, such as several girls or one girl. From the view of population involved in bullying behaviour, Chinese teachers have the opinion that girls are less inclined to bully as compared with show much smaller number than boys in both bullying and getting bullied. As they mature and grades moving up, teachers tend to believe that the number of girl bullies shows an insignificant decrease, while that of boy bullies indicates a sharp decrease, according to teachers. In all the grade levels, the number of boy bullies is much higher than that of girl bullies. Some have attempted to argue that girls lack of bullying boys and lower rates of bullying overall was a consequence of smaller size or physical “vulnerability” (Guoan, 1997), but as discussed above these are relatively simplistic assumptions and do not stand up well to critical readings. In the present study , 7 out of 12 Chinese teachers find that verbal bullying is one of the most common types, results that largely correspond to findings on teacher perceptions out of the United Kingdom (see Table1). Verbal bullying may happen every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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