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A Reflection on Children Full of Life - Movie Review Example

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The video clip Children Full of Life (3 of 5) strikes a chord that is impossible to ignore for anyone in the teaching profession. For those who are still undergoing training and education in preparation of becoming teachers, the clip certainly embeds a concept that should never be forgotten when dealing with students…
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A Reflection on Children Full of Life
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"A Reflection on Children Full of Life"

Download file to see previous pages On my part, the message of this short video virtually demolishes certain ideas regarding the aims and methods of teaching primary education level students. For a long time, I have always held on to the belief that teachers are supposed to project an impression of infallibility when it comes to teaching subjects to students. Aside from this, I have also thought that teachers should be strict disciplinarians, unwavering in their commitment to impose rules on the students and even, unbending, when it comes to meting disciplinary actions. However, I could not believe it when the teacher, Mr. Kanamori, actually allows his students to express their opposition to his views and, ultimately, changing his previous stance of punishing Yuto. There are actually two things that struck me while watching the clip; first is the students’ compassion towards their classmate, and second is the teacher’s teaching style and appreciation of the students’ independent and opposing views. I think that the two are actually related to each other. In the first place, a very rigid atmosphere in the classroom established by the teacher would make it impossible for children at such young age and to learn how to assert their ideas even if these are not in concurrence to those of the teacher. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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