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An examination of attitudes to cosmetic surgery (introduction only- literature review) - Essay Example

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Beauty is perceived variedly among various age-groups, which makes the respective attitude analysis among various ages taking up cosmetic surgery an important topic of highlight. Alternatively, attitude assessment among the genders can be used to reveal the apparent distribution…
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Extract of sample "An examination of attitudes to cosmetic surgery (introduction only- literature review)"

Download file to see previous pages t features and attributes that a particular age-group desires can be relied upon to illustrate the ease with which beauty enhancement can become an option. Cosmetic surgery to enhance beauty can be expected to be high among the young, which is however subject to attitude concerning such level of enhancement. On the gender front, women are likely to be under pressure to feel attractive and young than men (Frederick, Lever and Peplau, 2007, p1408). However, research needs to be conducted to reveal the exact patterns based on recent changes of uptake of cosmetic surgery across gender and age giving attention to attitudes as this study attempts to highlight.
Increased demand for appearance enhancement procedures shows that more men are taking beauty enhancement to an all-time high level. According to recent popularity surveys, the society has increasingly become open and less judgmental to cosmetic surgery (Delinsky, 2005, p2013). An improvement in medical technology applied in the surgical procedures can be attributed to the increased numbers, but changes in attitudes among men also play an important role. The modern society has experienced dramatic changes in the perceptions held about beauty among the genders, making it easy to adopt appearance enhancement than it previously was (Tiggemann and Slevic (2010, p67). Apparently both genders have changed their attitudes over the years to the extent that beauty can be applied in lifestyles. According to ASAPS (2009, para. 6), the reasons of uptake of beauty enhancement have evolved beyond low self-esteem to include factors such as career.
According to Crerand and Sarwer (2004, p100), while there is a significant increase in general demand for cosmetic surgery among women, there is a relatively higher demand among the middle-aged women (those who fall under the 40-55 years bracket). Tiggemann and Slevic (2010, p66) reckon that several factors affect the attitude that middle-aged women have towards cosmetic surgery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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