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Identify and evaluate ways in which men and women have tried to modify their bodies - Essay Example

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Name Institution Instructor Course Date Body modification Introduction Apparently, in today’s world, not so many people are very happy with their bodies. There is too much pressure based on looks and it all comes in a certain manner and from many directions…
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Identify and evaluate ways in which men and women have tried to modify their bodies
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Identify and evaluate ways in which men and women have tried to modify their bodies

Download file to see previous pages... Such adulations that are promoting particular body types of body images can lead many to experience insecurity, which in turn can have damaging consequences. For instance, they can undermine people’s confidence and self-esteem, the influenced can develop eating disorders, and cases of bullying and social exclusion are rampant (Braun, 2000:64). With reference to a research conducted by the University of the West of England, 38 percent of men would do anything including sacrificing a whole year of their life in order to achieve a perfect body (Ricciardelli, 2011:949). This shows that physical appearance concerns men more than women. With that respect, this paper will seek to identify and evaluate ways in which men and women try to modify their bodies. In what ways do men and women modify their bodies? Towards the end of the twentieth century most people’s bodies became a key site to cultural, social, economic, and political intervention in regard to, for instance, work, disability, old age, consumption, ethics, and medicine (Ricciardelli, 2009:106). To be precise, of late, people started recognizing body as a contested terrain whereby struggles over resistance and control battle it out in these contemporary societies. In the recent years, the body has emerged as a key problematic issue in the social sciences (Swami, 2009:7). The indicators of this issue comprise of the proliferation of journals and books, conferences as well as other media that express total dedication towards a sociological analysis of the body. People are into surgical operations, diet, exercising, and piercing among many forms of transforming bodies in order to achieve self-confidence, attractiveness, and competence (Ricciardelli, 2011:953). Fact-findings reveal that, in the UK, there are large numbers of men and women who undertake diet practices every year with the view of shading weight in order to attain an attractive or a competitive body shape (Howson, 2005:54). In this vein, a large number of men see taking steroids in view of making their bodies masculine considerable. Whilst others take steroids and undertake diet, the most shocking news is that, the largest number of both men and women have gone to an extent of undertaking cosmetic surgery with the aim of changing their body shape (Braun, 2000:66). The United States tops with the largest number of celebrities and clinically insane politicians who have had their body shapes modified exclaiming to suit their line of duty. Surprisingly, recent studies show that if financial was not an issue many men and women would take cosmetic surgery to modify their shape of bodies (Swami, 2009:9). In most parts of the world, a large proportion of adolescent boys take protein supplements in order to modify their bodies and make them masculine. On the other end, undocumented number of girls is currently on a diet and their aim is to either change the way they look or lose weight (Ricciardelli, 2009:111). Following what actors, singers, and models are doing, many men are emulating practices that they see these famous yet reach men do on television. As a result, young boys are injecting or taking different types of steroids such as corticosteroids, androgenic, and anabolic just to attain a masculine body shape. This news is shocking as side effects of these products are devastating (Harreaves and Tiggemann, 2004:352). Now that most people’s bodies appear mobilized in the given name of a host of projects and practices aimed at self-transformation, there is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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