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Consumption Patterns among the Young-Old and Old-Old - Assignment Example

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The report “Consumption Patterns among the Young-Old and Old-Old” examines two consumer behavior constructs and two segments. Focusing on the cosmetics surgery industry, the study examines the behavior of the affluent and the elderly within, for the purpose of recommending strategies to marketers…
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Consumption Patterns among the Young-Old and Old-Old
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Extract of sample "Consumption Patterns among the Young-Old and Old-Old"

Download file to see previous pages Within the context of consumer theory, personality has two meanings. The first is consumer personality and the second is brand personality. Ideally, the correlation between the two motivates the consumer market to purchase the brand in question and exhibit loyalty towards it. In both instances, personality refers to perceived attributes and characteristics.
Consumer market segmentation is integral to focused marketing and the identification of potential consumers. The elderly refers to the consumer market segment which is comprised of the aged, generally those at, or above, pension age. This type of segmentation is restricted to age.
The second type of segmentation is concerned with economic status. It effectively refers to consumer income and, more specifically, to those in the upper-income brackets. The affluent are the rich consumers, irrespective of gender and age.
The ever-increasing popularity, both national and global, of plastic surgery is amply evident in the appeal of television shows and serials such as "Extreme Makeover" and "Nip/Tuck." Plastic surgery is now openly discussed and is no longer confined to emergencies or to the female market. In other words, plastic/cosmetic surgery is regularly performed for beautification and anti-aging purposes and not out of necessity and is now being undertaken by both males and females, not just the latter.
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Consumption Patterns Among the Young-Old and Old-Old Assignment.
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