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Socio-ultural influence on the increase in consumerist behavior among Indians in U.S - Essay Example

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One of the most important after effects of globalisation is the influence it have caused to base the consumer choice on the materials being provided to them rather than understanding of their buying requirements.This is notwithstanding the ongoing debate on theoretical explanations given on the consumer behaviour …
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Socio-ultural influence on the increase in consumerist behavior among Indians in U.S
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Extract of sample "Socio-ultural influence on the increase in consumerist behavior among Indians in U.S"

Download file to see previous pages One of the most important after effects of globalisation is the influence it have caused to base the consumer choice on the materials being provided to them rather than understanding of their buying requirements. This is notwithstanding the ongoing debate on theoretical explanations given on the modern consumer behaviour.But from the experiences gained on the market behavior during the 21st century, the pervasive market performance has covered every material in the market place. This is obvious from the ways the brand building has been followed in various products like segregating the consumers considering their age and also their cultural influence.Exclusive adult product or products for curly haired are the symbols of such market delineation to enhance the consumer acceptability and thus leading to the burgeoning their business. At the same time the market based economy have failed to eliminate large number of beliefs and customs.The fears arising from the religious beliefs are never offset even by the well planned and creative intervention in the market Also, the impact of the culture of the dictating the market principles has also not been fully justified. The dominant component among all the existing market forces in a typical scenario would probably be elite population whose options usually dominates the market. The majority of the mass are less influential in the market economics as they are found to undertake the actions that is most necessary for them as it would be highly fantasy for this group of the population in the regions to opt for any luxurious mode of lifestyles. Thus the basic understanding has been those who fail to get what they require embraces the scarcity while those who have the ability to procure all they need tend to move to the extend of highly disordered consumption styles..

Thus the evidence have been given to come to a conclusion on the effect of culture on the consumer behavior. Most of the studies or research have focussed on the effect of the consumer tendencies on a static population level. But the globalization which have resulted in the free transfer of commodities across different countries also have resulted in the large-scale manpower movements. Thus the effect of cultural impact this has created on the consumerist behavior is necessary. The study undertaken here is to understand how the change observed in the consumer pattern within a newly migrated or relocated group of people. The investigations would also include the factors that influence such group of people to change or withstand the change. Thus the study would give a new dimension to the research issues on the consumerist tendencies in the post-globalized period.

Literature survey

It is widely understood that the social stratification has been aggravated as a result of the strong hold of the capitalist social structure (Cohen and Roosevelt, 2002). The factors like negative consumerism emerging from the continuous denials of acquiring various products have lead to the re-look into various aspects of value based consumer theories (Feather stone, 2007). Thea earlier studies have shown that an inclination to well established brand names existed among all the young university students. A comparison mad across the Nokia and Siemens show that the enhanced credibility created to the consumers with the support of well-tailored campaigns and highly transparent knowledge sharing have helped Nokia to go far ahead of the rival Siemens (Anderman et al, 1999). In another situation, the business organization often identifies the most important cultural aspects of the target groups and hence plan their marketing programme accordingly. The consumer demarcation on these social dynamics have yielded good amount of success. Some of the well known cases are Volkswagen for the working woman, Saga Holidays for the young elderly, the Pink pound for gay men (Lee, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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