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It is essential in providing a form of evolution or improvement. The appropriate form of change will depend on the situation and the expected impact of the change (Spector, 2010). According to Kurt Lewin’s three stage model of…
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Two discussion questions
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Discussion Questions Discussion Questions Question Small-scale vs. Large-scale Change Change is an important factor in everydaylife. It is essential in providing a form of evolution or improvement. The appropriate form of change will depend on the situation and the expected impact of the change (Spector, 2010). According to Kurt Lewin’s three stage model of change the people involved must first get ready for the change, which gives room for the change phase also known as the transitional phase. After the change has been implemented the company can then stabilize and adapt to the new changes.
Small-scale change involves making minor alterations to various factors. An example is firing employees who are involved in the production of company products. Small-scale change is ideal in the case of avoiding conflicts in a firm. Making a small change in the firm will serve to make improvements to a company’s operations, without affecting its overall structure. This has proved as an effective strategy in maintaining standards and quality of most successful organization (Spector, 2010).
Large-scale change involves a complete renovation of most if not all of the current factors. For example, a company will seek to change the products it produces; hence, it will renovate the company by introducing new machinery and installing efficient measures of operation such as using computers rather than filing cabinets for storing company data and information. Such change is implemented by companies, which suffer significant losses that affect their mode of operation (Borkowski, 2005). Large scale-change in a company would be applied in phases in order to get rid of the problems that negatively affect the company in bits and pieces.
Small and large-scale changes vary depending on the situation, and as a result, they are applied based on preference and analysis of the best alternative. However, small and large-scale changes can be implemented simultaneously. For example, if a company wants to make large-scale changes to the company, the management can apply small-scale changes to achieve a large-scale change (Spector, 2010). The strategy is used as a methodology that will allow individuals to acclimatize (accept) the changes being implemented.
Question 2: Change in the Workplace
A recent change that was applied in my workplace involved the management introducing a computer system that would access employee performance based on their output on a weekly basis (Spector, 2010). This was to be used in determining whether individuals were lazy and underperforming, whether some employees did more work than others and also to find out the employees that deserved promotion, should the company need to make any changes in management.
The change brought mixed reactions from the employees. Some agreed to the implementation of the performance analysis system, while others argued that it was going to be used as a tool to fire employees (Borkowski, 2005). I felt that the system would be pivotal in increasing the output from employees, because there are a number of employees that lean on others to cover up their low output. The system would create some sense of balance in output from each employee.
Another factor that was ideal about the system was that, it provided a mechanism that would allow employees to gain promotion based on their output. This served as a motivational factor in pushing employees to do more for the company. In hindsight, one can claim that, it is a strategy by top-level management to increase production directly and in-directly (Spector, 2010). Even though some employees may state that the system would be used to fire employees, it may be the adequate tool in ensuring the company has the right employees that can push the company ‘to the next level’. It can be concluded that the system is a change that fosters other small-scale changes in the firm (such as firing lazy employees).
Borkowski, N. (2005). Organizational behavior in health care. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.
Spector, B. (2010). Implementing organizational change: Theory into practice (2nd Ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. Read More
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