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They may lead to pricey legal suits whereby the only defense is to justify it as a job related and consistent with the business’ survival (Phillips & Gully, 2013). Some assessment methods assess a person based…
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4 Discussion questions to be answered
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Human Resources (HR) HRA335 – Recruitment Selection & Placement (HR (100 words Using assessment methods that have adverse impacts is unacceptable. They may lead to pricey legal suits whereby the only defense is to justify it as a job related and consistent with the business’ survival (Phillips & Gully, 2013). Some assessment methods assess a person based on their gender, race, religion, weight, national origin etc, which may lead to biasness. This is wrong and unlawful whereby employees may argue that it is racism or gender biased and end up filing legal suits, which will end up having a great impact on the company.
Using fair assessment methods that do not group people based on their physical appearance or origin will go a long way in reducing the possibility of adverse impacts. The method used should also be uniform for all employees.
2. HRA340 – Organizational Training & Development class (HR CLASS) (100 words +)
3. PSY331 – Interviewing Counseling Skills class (HR/PSYC CLASS) (50-100 words +)
Learning the advanced counseling skills has helped me a lot, as now I am able to apply what I learn in class to real life experiences. According to Smaby and Maddux (2010), a person’s personal characteristics affect their success during counseling training. I always become anxious about my counseling performance. Students are expected to repeat practicing the basic skills in advanced counseling and therefore I have developed more experience in the application of the basic counseling, which has reduced my anxiety. This has made me good at reflecting. I am able to encourage people to continue talking by showing them that I am able to perceive the world as they see it. I think my anxiety is my driving force as it makes me practice often and it makes me a good listener. I will continue working on it as I can see the positive effects it has on everyone around me, myself included.
4. ENT1000 – Entrepreneurship class (BUSINESS CLASS) (250 words).
I think that the collection of personal information from unsuspecting web users is both a good marketing strategy and at the same it is an invasion of privacy. I remember the first time I noticed this, I had searched a website from abroad then later I saw the same website being advertised on other websites that I was accessing. It was creepy at first before I realized what was happening. For those companies, it is a good marketing strategy because their products reach their targeted audiences, including new products that are not familiar to an individual. This is possible even without opening the particular website. People on the other hand get hold of information about things that interest them without going the extra mile of actually searching for the product. As much as both the websites and consumers are benefiting, at the end of the day I believe that it is wrong to sell someone’s information without their permission. The least they can do is ask for permission to share some information.
If these websites share people’s internet access habits and build profiles, I always wonder what else they share. We all know that using the internet has risks and one has to be careful on the information they provide especially on social media. If a website was to sell a person’s social media password, it would lead to stalking and theft of other personal information stored inside the sites especially e-mails. Generating someone’s personal information about the websites they visit is one thing, but selling a person’s information that may put them in danger is something very different. Both are an invasion of privacy but the least they can do is to invade in a manner that does not pose danger to anyone.

Phillips, J. M., & Gully, S. M. (2013). Human resource management. Mason, Ohio: South-Western Centage Learning
Smaby, M. H., & Maddux, C. D. (2010). Basic and advanced counseling skills: The skilled counselor training model. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. Read More
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