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Contribution of Consciousness Theorists to Psychonautics and Somanautics - Term Paper Example

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The author examines the quantum and neurofunctional theories of consciousness which attempted to explain several elements related to consciousness. Both theories delve deep into the issue of how consciousness can be understood from various points of view. …
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Contribution of Consciousness Theorists to Psychonautics and Somanautics
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Extract of sample "Contribution of Consciousness Theorists to Psychonautics and Somanautics"

Download file to see previous pages Blom, (2009) says that consciousness characterizes people’s being and realism, but the mechanism through which the mind creates thoughts and feelings remains unidentified. Any theory that is concerned with consciousness must be able to explain all elements that are traditionally associated with human consciousness. It should also fully explain the phenomena that are related to consciousness elements (Wilber, 2000). Although it is as old as human existence itself, consciousness has been a major unresolved problem in the world of science (Lancaster, 2004). However, there are some researchers who are willing to tackle this mystery.
The term psychonautics is derived from two Greek terminologies: psyche (mind, spirit, soul) and nautes (sailor, navigator). It refers to the methodology used in the explanation and description of the subjective effects of consciousness states that have been altered (Surhone, Tipledon and Marseken, 2010). These alterations of the mind can be caused by many things including the use of mind-altering substances and spiritualism. Psychonautics can also be used to refer to a certain research concept whereby an individual explores human existence and experience by immersing himself into a state of altered consciousness (Eccles, 1994). Psychonautics can also be defined as the methodology sued in the study and exploration of consciousness and altered forms of consciousness. This definition rests with the idea that for one to study consciousness, he has to transform it first.
Somanautics, a derivation of the Greek words soma (body) and nautes (Sailor, navigator), is a term used to refer to the exploration of the consciousness of the body. Therefore, the field of psychonautics and somanutics deals with the study and exploration of the body, mind, and soul. The person who immerses himself into altered states for research purposes is referred to as a psychonaut (Blom, 2009). Surhone, Tipledon, and Marseken (2010) add that the term psychonautics can be applied on a diversity of activities including those in which the altered states are “induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition” (3). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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