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Manager is someone who would effectively marshal the resources of an organization from human resources to logistics and materials to produce value that would make the business relevant in the market and achieve the objectives and goals of a business organization. A manager is…
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Weekly Discussions - Management - Answer Two Topic Questions
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Teacher Topic Based on what you have read in our text, how would you define a manager? How would you define an organization? Givean example of a manager and an organization.
Manager is someone who would effectively marshal the resources of an organization from human resources to logistics and materials to produce value that would make the business relevant in the market and achieve the objectives and goals of a business organization. A manager is also responsible for motivating its human resource so that they will perform better. A classic example of a manager is a Human Resource Manager who is responsible for the human resource function of a business organization from recruitment, training to providing incentives.
An organization on the other hand is the formal structure that would define and facilitate the various functions necessary to realize an objective. Organization defines the hierarchy of responsibilities so that functions are properly delegated to its various units. A classic example of an organization is a university and a company such as Apple.
Topic 2: Explain how management can impact ethics within an organization.
Management directs on how things are done in an organization. Needless to say, management is key in forming the norm and culture in an organization. This norm and culture of an organization as facilitated by the management can dictate the ethical practice of an organization. For example, if an organization promotes ethical practice in all of its operation as contained in its business principles or vision, employees will follow its directive and will become ethical in their practice. If, on the other hand an organization is unscrupulous in its dealings, employees will also follow suit because management set the precedence.
The reward and punishment mechanism of an organization as formulated by management can also impact ethics by either reinforcing or discouraging ethical conduct. Read More
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