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This research aim is constructed against the backdrop of ongoing public discourse on the place of parenting in the overall development of children, as well as…
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To what age should parents support children
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Download file to see previous pages In order to effectively deal with the aim of the study stated above, a research question will be asked and effectively interrogated through data collection procedures. The research question and its sub questions are presented below.
From a more academic perspective, there continues to be discussions and debates on the place of law on termination age. That is, the academic relevance of the study has to do with the legal implications for parents in supporting or taking care of their children. This means that there are two general themes or aspects of the research problem that the current study seeks to unify. The first theme forms of the basis of academic discussion where the important place of parenting in the development of children is emphasised. On this theme of the research problem, Buehler et al. (2014) noted that as social beings, all children are born in to a social setup, where they are expected to be nurtured and brought up in a way that can be considered as consolidating with acceptable social standards. Meanwhile, as parents assume parenthood, they are legally obliged as the people responsible for giving children the necessary social guideline into becoming responsible adults. Whiles doing this, there are different roles that parents play for their children, including financial support, emotional support, social support, moral support, and educational nurturing (Cohen & Wills, 2005). However, it has often been the case that some parents have out of ignorance and in some cases, deliberate intentions disregarded their roles to children, causing children to be stranded and frustrated in the course of their natural development (Buehler & Welsh, 2009). With this problem reported in sections public media, it has become an area of concern to legitimise an age to which all parents of sound mind will be expected to support their children to.
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