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Spanking chldren - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This piece includes a study made with reference to 2,573 Low-income White, African American, and Mexican American toddlers at ages 1, 2, and 3 and examined the predictors, outcomes and frequency of spanking and corporal punishments. This article also showed a Cross-lagged path…
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Spanking chldren
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Extract of sample "Spanking chldren"

Download file to see previous pages It also says that parental character development, support, and psychological wellbeing influences childrearing. The authors have also specified certain reasons for the aggressive nature of mothers and children in this article. This article also observed the strength of the relations between spanking and youngster outcomes. It also expresses the Moderated Associations between Verbal Punishment, Child Outcomes and Spanking.
In this article, a study by Gershoff [2002] shows Corporal punishment and childhood antisocial behavior and states effects of spanking across 11 different outcomes. It has been examined in 50 studies, including parent–child relationships, aggression, crime and mental health. According to Lansford et al. [2011], there may live a transactional association between spanking and unsociable actions. This article also says that depending on the presence of extra factors in the child, spanking gets more or less distinct. Corporal punishment and gene-environment interaction is also discussed in this article. It’s said that, children with genetic vulnerability for the growth of unsociable attitude may be unreasonably susceptible to unpleasant environmental experiences. Childhood antisocial behavior, Genetic risk scale, Corporal punishment, Child’s sex,
When I speak about myself, I am totally against this act of spanking and other form of verbal and nonverbal abuse, as it decreases child’s self-confidence, and make him depressed and anxious. Medical sciences have also proved that, lack of self-confidence due to spanking, can result in adverse effect for the child, which is not at all healthy.
If parents are emotionally attached to their kids and talk to them by words rather than actions, so their children can have a good personality and can become a good citizen. Spanking just destroys the child and makes him weak and shatters his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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