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Simulation has emerged as a useful learning tool in nurse training as the trainee nurses can enhance their skills by learning and practicing various procedures and repeat them till they acquire proficiency. It is an effective method of refining the skills and providing professional education and it will be discussed in this paper…
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Simulation in Nursing Training
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Download file to see previous pages Simulation also enabled the students to learn and practice procedural skills and develop crisis management skills; it also infuses teamwork spirit among students (Joint Commission Resources, 2008). Simulation based education in nursing became popular because as students the nurses did not get the required clinical educational experience that would prepare them for handling emergencies and other hospital situations (Gaberson & Oermann, 2010). Simulation plays an important role in the training of nurses as it enhances the quality of education by meeting the training needs better. Most institutes have adopted full scale simulation training. Simulation has proved to be a useful learning tool as it supports the theoretical and conceptual background of the nursing education (Campbell & Daley, 2008). In healthcare where the safety of the patients and accuracy of care is given utmost importance, simulation and simulators provide a less threatening environment for practice (Sanford, 2010). Simulation based teaching in nursing prepares the students for independent practice through technical skill development and advanced clinical learning. It also prepares the nurses for high risk situations such as traumas which may occur infrequently (Gaberson & Oermann, 2010). An interactive and participative environment can be created with simulation and the learners can overcome their weaknesses with the instant feedback provided by most simulators. Although numerous skills can be learnt through simulation, it is an exceptional teaching strategy for critical care nursing. In case of critically ill patients, nurses are required to collect, examine and respond accordingly to the data collected and all these skills can be acquired through simulation. The...
This paper approves that both low and high fidelity mannequins are highly useful in developing clinical skills as student nurses collect information such as the history, drugs, allergies, laboratory values and other data about the simulated patient helpful in clinical decision making. The student nurses also learn to access electronic data as well as access the information systems present on the computer. In short these kinds of simulators develop technical and clinical skills in student nurses regarding where to find the patient’s data and how to use it.
This report makes a conclusion that the advantages of low fidelity mannequins are restricted to the development of gross psychomotor skills but high fidelity mannequins can be used in the learning of community health, critical care, pediatrics and nurse anesthesia. It enhances critical thinking skills and improves clinical judgment. The use of low and high fidelity mannequins has increased in nurse education and has resulted in a decrease in time. The expense for residency programs and orientation has also decreased. A safer environment for both patients and nurses is also possible because of the high fidelity mannequins. Competency in testing skills is also achieved with high fidelity mannequins. High Fidelity mannequins are those that interact dynamically with the users. These mannequins are computer operated and are manufactured with advanced features such as palpable pulses, chest wall that replicates respiration, breath and bowel sounds and programmable heart. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Simulation in Nursing Training Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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