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Using Simulations in Nursing Education - Research Paper Example

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Obstetrics has been considered as extremely helpful tool in the learning process for the related students. The using of simulations in the learning phase trains the students effectively to cope up with the challenges of the practical field…
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Using Simulations in Nursing Education
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Download file to see previous pages Nursing is not an exception as there are numerous aspects of the study in nursing which cannot be grasped by the students without practical knowledge. Simulation has been used in the nursing domain and health care sector for a long time but there is a need to elevate the frequency and quality of simulation based techniques in nursing in order to completely exploit the benefits (Jun et al., 1999). The three main learning theories which are known as cognitive, social, and constructivist explain the detailed processes through which the learners gain in depth knowledge about any topic while using simulations. This paper will discuss the evidence based depictions generally in health care and then an emphasized study with specific relation to field of Obstetrics, which will explain the effectiveness and importance of using the simulations in nursing education and its positive impact on the patient outcomes. Literature Review The importunate need of the simulation in nursing domain surfaced in late 20th century when the resources were depleting for the health care sector and time restrictions were augmenting. There were loop holes in the skills of the trained nurses which were experienced in the practical fields and the patient outcomes were going through drastic results. ...
report, IOM called an emergency meeting of the health sector gurus which passed as resolution with consensus that the human error ratio is because of the weak educational system and the nurses are needed to be equipped with emergency case scenarios and in depth knowledge of different kind of diseases. Simulation provides the best space for the students to learn and practice the medical theories without a fear of harming the patient. Simulation also provides a massive opportunity for the students to test their skills and periodic repetitions of the practical methodological studies. The apprenticeship training processes can be easily performed and the instructors can effectively transmit the changing health patterns to the students by practically showing them the simulations. The sensitivity factors often acts as a major hindrance in the learning process for the nurses (Rutherford-Hemming, 2012). The operative vaginal delivery with forceps and vacuum devices are also being deployed at large in the medical domain of Obstetrics. The neonatal risks are accompanied with the use of vacuum cups, but they are far more efficient in the delivery procedures and are used by a great number of Obstetricians. In the same way some other sectors of Obstetrics such as needle usage amniocentesis and fetal blood sampling requires a great deal of practice and such cases are not available for the nursing students for practice on hands. Some medics foresaw the importance of simulation in the field of Obstetrics and issues order to embed the low-fidelity models for amniocentesis in the learning and training procedures (Cass et al., 2011). The results were optimal, and patient outcomes were affected in a very positive way after the training and on hands experience of the students on these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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