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Assessment of Nursing Care Using Simulation - Essay Example

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This paper "Assessment of Nursing Care Using Simulation" tries to shed some light on how simulation in nursing can be used in the assessment of student nurses. In nursing, these functions are achieved through a combined application aspects of role playing, use of low and high technology equipment…
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Assessment of Nursing Care Using Simulation
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Download file to see previous pages Below is a detailed explanation the students’ competencies that simulations can evaluate and how the evaluation and assessment would be carried out.
The first competence that simulations in nursing can assess is the communication skills of the nursing students. Good communication skills are a vital quality that should be possessed by every nurse who claims to be professional. Simulation can be used to track the improvements made by nurses with regard to communication skills because according to Gaba (2004), simulation is also a tool that improves the students' communication skills. Gaba’s sentiments were seconded by some recent researches done by Kameg et al. (2010).
If simulations can be used to improve the communication skills of the student nurses, then they sure can be structured to also assess every individual nurses’ communication skills and any improvement they might portray over their learning period. The simulation used in this manner can be an important tool for nurses’ assessment. It is important to note that assessment can also be made by the students who may want to evaluate their communication skills and their progress over time by tracking their performance in various simulated tests.
Simulation can also be used to assess the nursing skills of a nursing student. Simulation in the nursing field started with an objective of instilling psychomotor techniques into aspiring nurses but later broadened its boundaries to incorporate the use of skills in certain nursing related areas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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