15 Bibliographies from 15 peer reviewed scholarly published articles, texts, or books not more than 5yrs old, on using Simulation to enhance critical thinking in nursing students - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The author exemplifies a pilot program aimed at discovering the effects of simulation in enhancing decisive thinking of nurses towards ensuring better patient care. The purpose of this study was to access the role of simulation towards improving choices and techniques in…
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15 Annotated Bibliographies from 15 peer reviewed scholarly published articles, texts, or books not more than 5yrs old, on using Simulation to enhance critical thinking in nursing students
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Extract of sample "15 Bibliographies from 15 peer reviewed scholarly published articles, texts, or books not more than 5yrs old, on using Simulation to enhance critical thinking in nursing students"

Download file to see previous pages A simulation quasi experiment was used to conduct the investigation where 30 participants took the “California critical thinking test” (CCTST). They were arbitrarily assigned three critical assessment sessions over a period of 2 months in a simulation lab. This allowed the teams to develop vital patient simulative thus advancing their medical thinking in provision and attending to patients effectively.
Indeed patient ratio to nursing staff remains a great challenge in the world; however with adequate critical thinking support nurses cam adopt simulative techniques to identify and understand patients needs promptly and give priority response. It is clear from the this that the efficacy in delivering nursing services has greatly advanced with the enhancement of critical thinking and is currently hoped to be adopted by new graduate nurses to enable them make sound clinical decisions to deliver nursing care.
The authors identify the role of educators in making simulation real in the nursing sector. Educators can employ simulation-based pedagogy to transform nursing teaching through development of decisive thinking. The aspects of this book covered diverse areas in nursing, which includes the changing needs for nursing education in the current technological multifaceted setting, meeting the challenges of clinical placement, challenges and benefits of integrating simulation techniques in nursing curriculum with proper evidence. This focuses on the importance of faculty role in embedding simulation techniques to students with the view to develop critical thinking. The simulation study was conducted over a period of 5 months in a nursing institution where study of learners exposed to the technique and the ones with no exposure by tutors were sampled. It is evident that tutors should use complex simulative samples and test in their daily teaching to engage students mind in coming with appropriate ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(15 Annotated Bibliographies from 15 Peer Reviewed Scholarly Published Bibliography)
“15 Annotated Bibliographies from 15 Peer Reviewed Scholarly Published Bibliography”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1587783-15-annotated-bibliographies-from-15-peer-reviewed-scholarly-published-articles-texts-or-books-not-more-than-5yrs-old-on-using-simulation-to-enhance-critical-thinking-in-nursing-students.
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CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF 15 Annotated Bibliographies from 15 peer reviewed scholarly published articles, texts, or books not more than 5yrs old, on using Simulation to enhance critical thinking in nursing students

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