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Simulation Impact on Saudi Internship Nursing Students - Essay Example

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Simulation has a long history of utilization in “military, nuclear power, and aviation industries” (Aebersold & Tschannen, 2013). In the past two decades, healthcare…
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Simulation Impact on Saudi Internship Nursing Students
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Download file to see previous pages There are different types of simulation in nursing including high, mid, and low fidelity simulations, and several organizations such as International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) support and improve simulation (Aebersold & Tschannen, 2013). Additionally, simulation allows educators to concentrate on their students’ performance rather than focus on patients’ safety and possible errors that could harm the patients (Sideras, McKenzie, Noone, Markle, Frazier, & Sullivan, 2013).
In the contemporary age of rapid technological advancement, nursing education should follow this pedagogical strategy and provide the modern generation with high-quality education which would help them practice safely. Improving high fidelity simulation to create a suitable learning environment is particularly relevant in the contemporary age because technology is omnipresent and modern generation is really connected to technology. Cordeau (2010) mentioned that using simulation for undergraduate nursing students helps improve their thinking ability and practice and optimizes their ability to enhance and patients’ safety. High fidelity simulation helps the learners imagine real situations. This type of simulation has a lot of programming and monitoring to improve the teaching and learning experience for the instructors and learners respectively (Dunnington
, 2013). The revolution of technology solves a number of instructional problems such as insufficiency of educators and clinical placement, so the education and learning processes are improved with direct feedback and reduced tendency to cause errors (Partin, Payne, & Slemmons, 2011).
Some hospitals in Saudi Arabia offer internship programs for nursing students to help them use their theoretical knowledge in practical situations. The limitation of clinical experience among the nursing students on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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