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Applying to George Mason University - Personal Statement Example

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As far as I believe that qualitative education is a great contribution to my future career I decided that the best option for me to get a good education is to apply to George Mason University for an Accounting major. My name is Khadeejah Mahroos and I am an international…
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Applying to George Mason University
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Extract of sample "Applying to George Mason University"

Download file to see previous pages After two months of labor intensive training I got promotion and became responsible for preparation of monthly budget and the payroll. This work made me realize the importance of education in a professional activity. First of all, I understood that I was lack of theoretical knowledge that would be helpful dealing with difficulties in an accountant’s job. Also, I decided that I needed more educational background in order to become a real professional in my chosen realm.
As a student I am responsible and hardworking. I know that studying requires a huge spending of time for self-educational activities and I’m willing to work on my educational diligence. I’m aware of the fact that studying at a university is a kind of team work and I’m looking forward to working and learning a lot of new information along with other students I will meet at the classes. Furthermore, studying at an international university will provide me with better understanding of people of multiple cultures, which might be very useful if I would decide to take an international direction in my future career path. The point is that I really like the profession I’ve chosen long time ago. As far as economical situation is extremely unstable worldwide I have faith that one day I would be useful for increasing my native country’s economical stability. However, in the order to become a great accountant and change the global economical situation I need more complex education.
I believe that George Mason University would provide me with the best educational activities and huge amount of knowledge concerning my chosen realm. International validity of George Mason University’s graduating certificate will give me an opportunity to find a job in any solid international company. My dream is to work in a big company and feel that the job I do is qualitative and significant for common well-being. I believe that quality of education determines a person’s ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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